Reality: When it hits, you know it

January 30, 2013 1:00 pm
There comes a point in everybody’s life were reality begins to rear it’s ugly head. This normally happens upon finishing university, being in so much debt that you’re considering prostitution and realising you’re probably not going to get a job. When this eventually happens it’s back to square one.  Yes, back to the good old days of dwelling in your parents’ basement playing World Of Warcraft. Well, I am still of a young tender age, and studying in college, however, I had this epiphany recently. Of course, I wouldn’t call it an epiphany. This is because epiphanies are normally enlightening. I would think of it more as a sack a fresh toasty manure hurdled straight at the face.

student reality

This crude picture is an accurate representation of how such an epiphany happens. I apologise for the shoddy Photoshop job, turns out searching ‘sack of s**t flying at man’s face’ in Google images isn’t as good of an idea as it seems. As I have stated, I am currently studying at college. A media course to be precise. Okay, I thought applying for this course seemed like the best idea I’ve had all decade. However, I was mistaken. I went in with the idea of completing the course then going to university to study journalism. After this? Well, yes, you guessed it: try and get a job in the field of journalism. How naive I was thinking it could be that simple. Media! Wow, how many teenagers have taken that in college? Hundreds upon hundreds I bet. All so they can sit and play with a camera all day. I honestly feel like college in general is just a waste of time, by the time I get into the world of work I will have no experience. This is because all the years that could have been spent working were spent in education. I guess I’m just going to finish college and spend my nights drinking alcohol in a bottomless pit of self loathing and regret. That’s great! It’s basically journalism anyway. Just without the writing…and without the pay.

stressed student

I am going to finish up with just a couple of thoughts because most people don’t enjoy reading lengthy articles. They would rather be spoon fed a short one with a few funny pictures. Me personally, I would be happy living in a groggy flat playing my guitar on a low paid job.  Having astronomical amounts of money has never really seemed appealing to me. Although, I feel the reason I went to college is because I know I have potential. Not trying to sound like a pretentious piece of shit but I know I do. Due to this, I think if I just squandered my chances at success it would be an insult. Not an insult to my parents or family but to the people who never stood a chance. The people that don’t have any talent or never did well academically. I’m sorry this post is getting pretty soppy now.  Don’t worry ill just stick a picture of an optical illusion in at the end to keep you idiots entertained.



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