Celebrity Journalists

June 10, 2013 2:00 pm

In this new journalistic era of parsimony, one’s artistry and literary prowess are insufficient. For, whilst spirit and skill are necessary, it is experience that is imperative in the realm of reporting.

Aspiring graduates are frequently greeted with three familiar words upon searching for employment: “one year’s experience”. In such a competitive and controversial industry, an employer’s search for perfection is logical. Nevertheless, this logic leaves many aspiring writers such as myself in a cessation of journalistic progress.

To gain a paid position, one must have observed, acquainted and climbed. However, to gain an internship that provides these prosperities, one needs to accept payment in the form of expenses and packed lunches for a year. Unfortunately, in the real world this often does not suffice. It is therefore vital that we are particularly thankful for online publications that provide a platform in which employers can witness, and potentially appreciate our work, for there is no easy alternative.

Nevertheless, at times, it is still difficult to accept the rather clichéd ethic of “it’s not what you know, but who you know”. As every time I flick through a gossip publication, I wonder to myself whether the celebrities blessed with weekly columns ever had the strife and literary passion that we, aspiring writers, see posted in each journalism listing. A three-month stint in Big Brother appears to be invaluable at times, in comparison to a three-year degree. For that reason, it is inevitable that one’s green eyed monster appears when various reality stars have “journalist” and “author” scribed in their Twitter biographies.

timthumbWhilst the concept of writers who have been granted their columns and book deals due to their popularity on shows such as The Only Way is Essex can be slightly frustrating to those whose media dreams were derived during childhood, one cannot deny that many members of the public would prefer to read the opinions and stories of their favourite celebrities, as opposed to those of the unknown writer.

Instead, writers who are solely writers and not showbiz personalities must earn their audience’s respect through enterprise, excellence and dedication. Each week-long work placement and every journalistic platform offering exposure should be explored. Whilst passion and ardour are not enough to guarantee us immediate employment positions, these qualities will ultimately carry us through and provide us with ever-growing prospering careers when TOWIE is over and their ten minutes are up.

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