Berlusconi’s unfortunate spin of luck

September 12, 2013 11:45 am

Italy. Let’s do a little Brainstorming: Pizza, spaghetti, Florence, the Pope, Dante, Pavarotti, Roman Empire, Berlusconi. Let’s stop here: Silvio Berlusconi. For the ones that ignore his existence, he was the former italian Prime minister, known mostly for his scandals than for his government policy, for his vices rather than his political virtues. One of the richest italian entrepreneurs, he led the political scene for decades. The popular wisdom says: the spin of luck turns, it cannot be more true since this time it took a twist, against his favor. As announced at the end of last month, the appeal court finally condemned  him for tax fraud. 4 years. of which he’ll serve one. Under house arrest. Maybe.


The best majority of italians thought that this sentence would have convinced him to retire and leave the political scene for good – literally. However, he is a strong, persevering man, he won’t give up easily. To better understand the reason why, let’s do a little recap:

The judges condemned him in first grade – how dare them! – then, there was the Appeal (everyone can make mistakes) but it confirmed the sentence – what a persecution, poor man! Now, Mr. Berlusconi has faced the third grade of judgement, which found him guilty – really?

Anyway, the problem is: if he serves his punishment, he won’t be able to be elected anymore and his position will decay. This means that he won’t have anymore the political immunity which has ‘helped’ him with his ‘little’ law problems. Moreover, his political party will lose one of its most important and charismatic figures and likely it will not support the present government anymore, which will fall and there will be even more chaos than nowadays. As you can see, this would be unacceptable. Something needs to be done.

Many asked themselves: if he has a criminal record now, and a sentence confirmed by the Appeal Court – which is the maximum authority  existent – why isn’t he at home? or doing social services? or under arrest? What is going on, then? Simply, because something needed to be done. In fact, Convinced of his innocence, as his close supporters, he’ll probably ask for grace to the President of the italian Republic. Let’s be clear: these are only rumors, no former request has been presented. Yet.

berlusconiHowever, in my opinion, the only thought of asking to be graced is scandalous, it should have not even crossed one’s mind. And even if the Republic President said he’ll verify all the circumstances of the situation in case the request would reach his table, the simple thought of reviewing the whole case to seek for anything to catch hold of  is merely ridiculous, other than unfair. Italy need not someone giving verbal preaches, rather someone who takes a stand saying: No, do not even dare. Otherwise the problems won’t stop coming, the solutions will never arrive.

Anyway, even if most people cannot stop from showing triumphant smiles about the news of his conviction, in my opinion this situation drains Italy under a cloud which is getting darker and darker. Just question yourselves: is it possible that the person that formally represented an industrialized country such as Italy has been prosecuted as a criminal? The Prime minister is guilty of fraud, tax fraud, what this implies for the whole country he represents and rules? How the fact that he could get away with it for many many years affect the reputation of the State, the Juridical system in general? This situations does not involve only the ex-prime minister, but the whole Country that supported and defended him.

There is no right answer to these questions, but the thing is: we are reaching the limit beyond which we cannot distinguish what is absurd and what is not. Actually, we may have already crossed it.

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