Why We All Need A Love Mattress

May 1, 2014 4:43 pm

A relationship, as most of us know, is something which can at times be beyond complicated. There are a million and one things you have to learn to balance and sometimes situations with your partner can be made a lot more stressful because something entirely unrelated is out of balance. This can be frustrating for both men and women as often they can both be completely oblivious to what the actual problem is.

Have you ever found that your partner is being overly argumentative and having a go at you constantly yet you have no idea why? Or perhaps you find yourself treating your better half unfairly and whilst you know you are doing it, you are also finding it hard to stop. The answer is that something is wrong and it is probably nothing to do with what you are arguing about. Recent scientific experiments suggest that almost 80% of the time, the thing that is wrong is your sex life.

Both men and women can be to blame; often partner A wants more than partner B and partner A feels guilty for not giving it whilst parter B feels frustrated for not receiving it. In many cases, there is just a general lack of sexual activity which can lead to feelings of estrangement. This especially happens once the “honeymoon” phase has ended, normally after around 18 months of a relationship.

One simple answer to these problems is to make your sex life better. This doesn’t necessarily mean experimenting or trying overly hard to come up with new things as often these things will feel forced. Instead something as simple as a “Love Mattress” can make all the difference to your sex life.

love mattressTaking one of the pioneers of the Love Mattress’ websites as a reference point, you can see how this simple invention has been specifically designed to give every extra bit of enjoyment possible. Crucially, reviews of the mattress state that the thing it adds most is a little bit of fun and laughter which can often be missing from a person’s sex life. This enables both partners to relax and to naturally enjoy themselves rather than feel like everything they are doing is under scrutiny.

If you are having issues in your sex life, take a look at the website and the different mattress options available and consider trying one out – it really might make all the difference. Best of all, the company is currently looking for “testers” so you might be lucky enough to get one of these mattresses for free.

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