The Amazing Spider-Man: The good guy, the bad guy and the unproven

August 2, 2012 11:00 am

It is not necessary to be a cine-maniac to notice pretty easily that Hollywood loves to add some extra mysterious characters to the script to complicate the main action or just to keep the attention of the audience. The constant battle between good and bad is a key element in many productions made by Hollywood. This theme continuously has been an inspiration for Hollywood directors and base to build on new ideas. People are familiar with the stories of keeping the balance between them and they typically expect positive to fight over negative. This is once again used by director Marc Webb in the brand new version of Spider-Man.

In The Amazing Spider-Man based on the original comics, along with the main action, it appears one extra character directly connected to the conflict. Suddenly or well planned, among the typical characters classified in the categories good or bad, appears a guy, who seems to be neutral and outsider. Neither the audience in the cinema saloon nor the actual police officers in the movie pay too much attention to his persona. It almost seems like his role does not really have any particular matter or high importance to the script.

Hollywood normally dresses up its favorite character in a black suit and authorized him to set deadlines. Preferably the director do not use famous actors just to insist the mystery surrounding the script. This time in The Amazing Spider-Man it is a Bollywood actor named Irrfan Khan. However it remains the question who does this character represent? Presumably the grand film industry- Hollywood itself. According to our restricted knowledge this particular person does not relate to the reality and we cannot recognise him in any local character of our society. He has got unlimited authority but certainly he is not a politician or businessman, his role simply remains unproven. he is often an agent from an organisation, which name is unknown.

Obviously he is the provoker of the crash between the good and bad, and therefore he is the motive of the action. He holds a special kind of authority and unlimited rights, which allows him to give orders to others and threat them. Particularly in this instance, the bad guy is actually a very talented professor who lately becomes an enemy of his own pure ambition to create a perfect world without weakness. The neutral guy who comes into the scene is an external subject, who bears enormous plan for mass destruction but it could only be accomplished by the knowledge of the genius. Yes, as we all know the knowledge is power, apparently only for those who are allowed to use it!

This character reminds us a conspiracy as we know very less about where he comes from and who he works for. Does this mean that the script represents the New World Order and its leaders? If it’s so, this could possibly be considered as hint to the people. Even the ending of the movie is approving this theory. The bad guy gets arrested and realizes his mistake while the agent in the black suit disappears. Right at the end he is intentionally shown once again, certainly he survives to continue yet to appear in the new coming Hollywood  productions.



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