King Of The Opera ‘Nothing Outstanding’ Reviewed

May 16, 2013 3:36 pm

Samuel  Katarro introduces a musical project by the name of King Of The Opera. The Tuscan musician, better known as Alberto Mariotti, brings you ‘Nothing Outstanding.’ The album released less than a year ago, and even though I’m a little late on this one, I’m fortunate enough to get my hands on the album. king of the opera nothing outstanding

A collaboration of eight tracks beautifully blending in with each other. The title is well constructed, introducing a combination of genres including indie / soft rock, with a hint of psych-folk. The opening track ‘Fabriciborio’ welcomes you with the sweet sound of the guitar in soft loops, while the heart of the song is the drums. The track features a mellow sound that takes you through a field of emotions. A few seconds of soft but silent sounds creates a build up of emotions. While listening to ‘Nothing Outstanding’ you seem to get a sense of comfort / closure. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s a breath of fresh air to listen to a collection of tracks that are in sync with each other.

King Of The Opera has a solid reference to Jeff Buckley, not to mention other artists such as John Martin and Steven Wilson. ‘Worried about’ portrays one’s anxiety of a situation, most likely associated with love and matters of the heart. The lyrics portray an overwhelming fear of the unknown, while track has an upbeat rhythm. This contrast could very well suggest a sense of relief at the same time – as if to say, “When you worry, you care!”

No matter how conventional King Of The Opera may sound, the band still manages to deliver a unique sound. Taking this into consideration, alongside the other things mentioned earlier. I would have to say ‘Fabriciborio’ and ‘GD’ are two tracks featured on the album that really stood out to me. ‘GD’ really tries to reach out with its music.

king of theopera nothing outstandingYou can’t help but put that track on replay countless times. It leaves you wanting to search for deep meaning. It feels like the more you listen, the more the acoustic guitar encourages you to take an extended journey of self discovery, and leads you to an uncharted territory. I loved it so much I tweeted about it!

If you’re eager to take a journey of self-discovery, join me with King Of The Opera. I can’t leave without saying; the album title ‘Nothing Outstanding’ is truly underestimated!

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