The Heineken Flying Freakshow

August 30, 2013 8:14 pm

Heineken have recently launched a multi-million dollar advertising effort in an attempt to revolutionise their marketing strategy and enforce a new, bolder and frankly more interesting way of reaching their target audience. The new series which displays famous people being “dropped” into crazy situations is meant to make people aware of the Heineken brand and hopefully drive them to marketing success.

However, how profitable can a campaign like this really be and what are they trying to achieve? Most beer drinkers have already heard, and probably tasted, Heineken beer at some point in their lives. Can the vast amount of money spent on this campaign pay off? Personally, I can’t see it having such a dramatic effect that millions of dollars worth of new Heineken lovers will come flooding to the gates of Heineken begging to buy their beer. They don’t seem to have amassed a whole load of views on YouTube and frankly, if most people have already heard of them then what exactly is it that they are going to get from this new and improved form of advertising?

I know that every large brand has a large marketing budget but has the world got slightly carried away? Presumably there is some hard evidence which correlates the millions spent on marketing to the millions received in sales but I wonder how accurate these statistics really are when it comes to the big companies.

Either way, it will be interesting to see how Heineken’s new series turns out. It certainly makes for less dull advert watching – something we can all be happy about. You can watch the first part of the series in the video above.

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