Evian’s The Amazing Baby and Me 2 Campaign

April 9, 2014 5:35 pm

This week my attention was draw into Evian’s ‘The Amazing Baby and Me 2’ new ad campaign.  After the success of the previous campaigns the brand came up with a refreshing approach. Evian is not only using natural purity in its water but also in its adverts. The scenario is the same as with all the ‘Live Young’ campaigns, but this time it gets more adventurous.

The advert begins with the iconic-super hero wondering around the buildings of New York, this time he doesn’t get into trouble with any mean characters but with his youthful counterpart, as he passes his reflection in a mirrored window. Then the adventure starts and the two characters perform a series of challenges between them, such as street dancing!

As a fan of the Spiderman character the advert made me anticipate the launch of the new movie and also chuckle at the clever transformation of the Amazing Spiderman baby, a powerful message for heroes like us that still have a child inside waiting to unleash.

Evian’s latest film campaign is definitely worth watching, enjoy and let me know what you think!

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