Best Casino App For Your Smartphone

October 27, 2014 3:42 pm

Ten years ago a mobile phone was simply for texting and making calls but these days apps make up one of the primary functions for what we use our mobiles for. There is an app for almost everything and one of the main industries that has had to adapt to app-making is the casino industry. mobile app

There are hundreds of Casino apps out there, as well as many a list of pay by mobile casinos, many of them specialising in games such as Poker or Bingo but unfortunately for the average customer, they have presented us with a bit of a minefield. When attempting to find an ordinary casino gaming app, it wasn’t until my 6th download that I actually came across something that allowed me to play with real money instead of fake money. Slots apps are the worst offenders with hundreds of “free-play” apps hiding the real money sites. Unless you are playing the best slot sites UK, it’s very difficult to find an app that is advanced and secure enough to resemble the online websites that we have grown used to utilising.

Surprisingly, there are very few genuinely decent casino apps available but the one that I use which contains everything from Poker, Roulette & Slots to Black Jack and has great bonuses is the iPhone app (not for US players).

There are two other benefits that I’ve personally found attractive about the 888 app, more-so than any other, and they are the $88 bonus you get when you sign up and, for a poker player such as myself, the “Snap Poker”game. Snap Poker is your usual run-of-the-mill texas holdem except as soon as you fold you get taken to a new table and given new cards. That means that you don’t have to wait around for other players to play out their hands but rather you can always be involved. This is perfect for anyone like me who suffers from a lack of patience.

To conclude, there are many casino apps out there, but most of them are terrible or don’t offer real money play. My advice is to go for a solid, well-known and trusted company: the iPhone app.

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