Anthony’s Weiner makes a comeback

August 2, 2013 7:01 pm

I wonder if his wife, Huma, has seen hard (no pun intended) evidence of his scandalous texts..

Nobody’s favourite sexter or New York City mayoral candidate, Anthony Weiner (a.k.a. Carlos Danger), has hit the headlines again this week. The 48-year-old Democratic candidate has got himself into trouble once again after continuing to send sexual messages to strangers on the internet. Weiner’s weird “antics” started back in May 2011 when the Brooklyn-born serial sexter sent a picture of his penis via Twitter to a 21-year-old Seattle college student. The picture was sent to a conservative blogger, Andrew Breitbart, by a Twitter user named “Dan Wolfe” and subsequently posted on Breitbart’s BigGovernment website. Weiner quickly denied sending these photos and said he was hacked by a political opponent (Come on, I think politicians have  more class than that, Carlos). This was rapidly uncovered as a lie on June 6 when Breitbart discovered more sexually explicit images of Weiner… and more… and more… and more. By the time Weiner’s “weiner” had been viewed by almost everyone in the US, he was just another sleazy politician with famous genitalia. He resigned from the House of Representatives – where he was a Representative for New York’s 9th Congressional District – on June 21 2011.

Weiner took a break from politics for two years and in April 2013 he made a comeback (no innuendo intended) and revealed he was to enter the New York City mayoral election. But guess what? Weiner couldn’t keep his pants on yet again and on July 23 2013 The Dirty published some very dirty images and messages from Weiner, who was now using the alias “Carlos Danger”. These images had been sent to a 22-year-old named (wait for it…) Sydney Leathers. She “trashed” him on The Howard Stern Show and this once again jeopardised Carlos, or Anthony (whichever one you prefer), in their race to become New York City mayor. Weiner this time refused to step down, despite the New York Times calling for him to do so. He took a press conference with his wife, Huma, where he revealed he would remain in the race and said there would be more pictures “likely to come out, and [they] did”. Weiner even made a video of himself, fully clothed this time, vowing to stay in the race because most New Yorkers, like himself, know how to handle hard times. On July 25, Weiner admitted to the New York Daily News that he had sexted three women in the months after his resignation from Congress and that there were only six to ten women involved, making it okay – right?

The story continues, but it is unlikely he is to be erected mayor. And that is not a spelling error.

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