Where is the luck really at?

June 3, 2015 1:45 pm

Online casinos seem to be taking over the world these days – you can hardly miss the plethora of advertising on TV, on roadside ads, in magazines and online. And there is a good reason for this! More and more people are discovering that, not only is it a fun way to spend some spare time, it’s also a great way to practise in order to make some extra cash.

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Of course, gamblers who regularly visit physical, real life casinos also make money from their hobby, it’s true. And, the occasional really lucky or skilled gambler can win the big jackpot. However, tournament poker is notoriously difficult and expensive to play and it can be very difficult to build up the skill level needed to compete seriously without spending some time online.

It’s not just about poker, of course, you can also win big at casinos on the slots and at roulette, among many other games. But there is also the added expense of actually taking the time to travel to the casinos. Many people might visit Vegas, Atlantic City or one of the other gambling hotspots in the world just to experience it in real life, but for everyone who makes the journey to a casino, there are many others playing away online in the comfort of their own home.

Online casinos offer an array of casino games, including a huge selection at Netbet, for example, making them a great place for a newcomer to slot machines or casino games in general. But the world of the online casino is also very competitive, as you can imagine with so many trying to get your business, and as such many online casinos offer great incentives for new members.

These cash or gaming incentives can help you, as a player, make some decent profit from your online gambling experience. You can find online casinos which offer introductory bonuses, either they will match your initial deposit and give you the same amount for free or they may offer a different kind of scheme. This would mean if you deposit £50 you will get £50 from the casino to play with and it won’t cost you a penny. Of course, they will hope that you will continue playing and spending more money, but it’s an absolutely great way to turn your hobby into something that makes you money.

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Obviously you will then have to bet a certain amount of money or play for a certain length of time, but it’s a great incentive to play online and it just isn’t offered in real life casinos.

There are many professional online poker players who rack up the hours, play the hands, learn the tricks and manage to earn a living, with some earning far more than a normal salary. It’s estimated that if you spend around seven days to five days a week for a year, playing diligently, smartly and well, you could earn around £50,000 a year. Not too shabby!

Of course, you have to remember that a certain amount of luck is most definitely involved and it’s not a guaranteed income but if you stick to poker, as it’s a game of skill as well as chance, the chances are you’d be able to earn more than enough to provide a second income and have enough to buy yourself some treats!

If you worry you’ll miss out on the atmosphere of real life casinos while playing online, be assured that most do everything they can to give an amazing casino feel to their sites, complete with music, forums and the chance to socialise with other members.

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