What Went Wrong (WWW): TV Series (Part 1)

March 10, 2015 9:00 am
We all know that it’s not easy to write a TV show. Even writers of successful shows like Lost and Eureka will probably admit that it’s not easy to write a good script. But when it comes to TV Series, it’s not just about writing a good story; it’s about writing a good story and develop it well. And that is where things go wrong with many shows. Many of them started well but then lost their way midway through the season, at the end of a season or at the beginning of the next season. So which ones of our beloved shows got it wrong? Let’s see:

1. Alias:
For a J.J. Abrams showAlias was meant to be the best spy show on TV. Was it? Yes. And with the mystery of the ‘Rambaldi prophecy’ to spice things up, Alias could do no wrong. But it did
What Went Wrong: The show became a typical “villains must be villains” show, with unnecessary love stories and  some nonsense family drama. By the time it ended, the show went from Alias to an expensive spin off of “The Bold & Beautiful” called the “The Spy & and the Beautiful Sidney”.
2. Chuck:
Staying in the Spy family, Chuck was the spy/comedy show that everybody had to love. The story about an average computer technicians who accidentally downloads all the government secrets to his brain after opening an e-mail from his old college buddy, became TV’s most creative and innovative show. But that didn’t last for too long.
What Went Wrong: After the show creators ran out of ideas, Chuck  became a boring love story about a nerd who had a crush on a hotty but the hotty was too slutty to return the feelings. On top of that, all the new villain had a connection with the villain of the previous season. And Chuck’s parents were not just random bad parents, they conveniently happened to work for the US government before they went rogue. And last but definitely not least, the show became about Sarah, aka the hotty aka the slutty aka the only woman that matters in the show. In the end, the show went from Chuck to “Everybody Only Loves Sarah”.
3. Heroes:
Despite being labeled by many as a “cheap rip off of X-Men”, season 1 of Heroes was complete success. The story of multiple strangers from across the world who discover extraordinary super powers, was taking the TV scene by storm and many where expecting to show to be top for seasons to come. But as stated above, the awesomeness lasted only one season.
What Went Wrong: The second season was a boring story about an immortal who wanted to play God, and it turned that the parents of our season 1 heroes where conveniently best friends. Season 3 was about A husband who wanted to take revenge on his wife for trying to kill him, and it also turned out that some of heroes powers where not genetic but cooked up in some lab. To sum it up, Heroes went from “Save the Cheerleader, save the World” (which was the theme for the first season) to “Ruin the the plot, Ruin the Show”.
4. Alphas:
The term “Alphas” referred to people who had an ability that made them special. After the disappointments of Heroes, Alphas was suppose to give a new and better face to the super heroes TV shows. But it was not to be.
What Went Wrong: Despite Bringing us different set of powers, and a good first season, Alphas made the same mistake as predecessors like X-Men and Heroes, with an irritating and pointless war between good super heroes and bad heroes. On top of that, all the “Alphas” had some nonsensical weaknesses. And did I mention that the villain was an immortal who wanted to kill ordinary humans? Just like in Heroes? In truth, the show started as Alphas but ended as Heroes 2.0.
5. Avatar: The Legend of Korra:
After the success of the last Air bender, its spin off “Legend of Korra” was supposed to be a blast, right? Wrong, it was a disaster. Despite the fact the story takes place in a era similar to ours, that there are more fights and that the Avatar is already a master of 3 of the 4 elements, Legend of Korra is a bad “combo” of poor script, cheap rip off of the original and unfunny jokes.
What Went Wrong: Everything.  Except the in the 3rd season (3rd book), all the stories and all villains make no sense. While Aang was a wise and inspiring little boy, Korra is an unlikable character, who is stubborn, disrespectful and arrogant. All the villains want to kill her for no reason, she barely enters the avatar state and when she does she makes it so boring. There is an unnecessary romance and a boring love triangle, The “Avatar Gang” is filled with a bunch of annoying kids who try their best to be like Aang’s Avatar Gang. The so called funny guy is a terrible and awful version of Sokka and the 4th member of their gang just happened to be there because she is hot. In truth, Avatar: The Legend of Korra, should not be a spin-off of The Last Air bender. It should either be an unfunny parody or a complete opposite version of one the greatest, wise and inspiring cartoon ever made.
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