Why The Evil Dead kind of sucks.

April 27, 2013 12:00 pm

It’s back to the notorious cabin, sporting the same evil incubating cellar. 

evil dead cellar

Drug addict Mia (Jane Levy), along with run-away brother David (Shiloh Fernandez) and gang of determined friends journey to the deserted cabin in an attempt to kick Mia’s addiction.

Instead they are greeted with a room of dead cats, a book bound in human flesh and an evil spirit hell bent on feeding on everyone’s souls to name but a few of the cabin come rehab’s delightful features.

Activities include cutting off your own body parts, reading extracts from a book of the dead after specifically being told not to, and generally having a terrible time.

Whereas The Evil Dead doesn’t have the same absurdity as its original, feeling much more like your average zombie film with the loss of its fantasy edge, it does now have logic on its side, something the original clearly didn’t feel was a necessity for a film.

Evil Dead 2013


Unlike the original, we are now treated with the knowledge of why the teenagers have arrived at the cabin, and even who the cabin actually belongs to. Aren’t we lucky. The Book of The Dead is now also burn proof! So warding off evil is now a bit more of a challenge.
Overall, although a bit monotonous and with a very ‘things finally seem to be okay, oh no wait they’re not, oh wait, yes they are’ kind of ending it does not disappoint in terms of gore. And jumpy moments there are plenty!

If watching other humans being slashed to pieces is your scene, you must see The Evil Dead!


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