The Importance Of Business Travel Insurance

November 26, 2014 3:13 pm

Business travel insurance has become something of a necessity in recent years. The world is in turmoil suffering from all sorts of problems including political protests and rioting to health epidemics and natural disasters which are forcing business leaders to think very carefully about insuring their employees. This is why AIG have released a video explaining, in depth, about the benefits of executive travel insurance.

The above video touches on a very real issue when it comes to insuring your employees. Many companies do business around the world and a lot of that business comes from areas such as northern Africa and countries from within the Middle East or Russia. As everyone is aware, there have been many political protests, uprisings and general unease amongst some of these countries. Middle eastern countries continue to face terror and war on a daily basis, Egypt faced a small revolution, Syria is probably the most dangerous place in the world right now and Libya has far from recovered from its internal political problems.

These areas also hugely affect their surrounding countries and suddenly international businesses are faced with vast areas of the world being extremely high risk for their employees to travel to. In these chaotic zones, it’s unlikely that things will go very seriously wrong but there is certainly a chance. What is likely is that businessmen and women will have their baggage lost or stolen, they won’t have access to decent health care or they will have some minor accident that they won’t be able to rely upon local authorities to sort for them. This is why business travel insurance is so important. Especially for businesses operating in these areas.


If the day ever comes when we don’t need travel insurance, then the world can consider itself a complete success. But sadly, for now, it doesn’t look like we are anywhere near that eventuality.

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