Want Happier Customers? Make Their Lives Easier

April 25, 2017 4:32 pm


Customers are going to appreciate your business greatly if you make an effort to make their lives a little easier. Of course, we’re just talking about the parts of their life that have to do with your business. Working with PCN answers will also facilitate this process. If you want to improve your customers’ view of you, then follow this guide!

Give your employees more power

If there are any barriers that stop employees doing what’s best for the customer, then these need to be removed. It’s so often the case that customer service can be improved tenfold if employees didn’t have to check with the boss on so many issues. Trust your employees and allow them to use their initiative when it comes to how to best help a particular customer. When customers have to wait for a staff member to get permission from the management for things, it just frustrates them further!

Improve your packaging

Whether it’s delivery of the item or the item itself, the packaging can make a lot of difference to the customer’s experience. Making sure the delivery packaging is sturdy enough to handle a few knocks, without making it difficult to open, is going to help out your customer a lot. And if your product is a multi-use item, then make sure there’s any easy way for them to reseal it so they don’t have to rely on pegs or sticky tape! Look into resealable pouches, for example.


Review the UX of your website

A lot of business owners underestimate the importance of their website when it comes to how customers view the business. If your website is slow and cumbersome, then that’s going to reflect on you as a company. Who wants to deal with a slow website, after all? If they’re using that website to try to contact you, then they’re going to end up being more irate than they should be by the time they get through to you. So think about reviewing the user experience of your website with a UX expert.

Increase ease of payments

Payments are usually handled with payment gateways, so it may seem like there’s not too much you can do when it comes to improving things in this area. But that’s not necessarily the case. Consider how many methods a user has to pay you. Do you accept contactless or mobile phone payments if you’re running a brick-and-mortar store? Do you accept American Express? Do you only accept payment via PayPal – a payment gateway that many people refuse to use? You have to make sure users have a wide variety of choice when it comes to payment methods.

Find out what they hate

Of course, there’s no better way to make a customer’s life easier than to find out precisely what it is that’s making their engagements with your business more difficult! Consider running a survey and requesting that users be brutally honest. Once you know what it is that’s making them more frustrated than they need to be, you can start taking action. There are a thousand things that could be going wrong that haven’t even been mentioned in this article.

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