Volvo P1800 from “The Saint” Television Show Restored to Former Glory

September 3, 2013 11:27 am

The Saint was a very popular 1960s television show which featured one of the most sought after cars of its time – the Volvo P1800. The car itself was the star of the show and had its own fan-base worldwide. It might surprise you then to find out that the iconic car was found abandoned in a warehouse little over twenty years ago. The car, driven by Roger Moore, had been left to rot and disintegrate into something that was hardly recognisable. However, when Kevin Price the Volvo enthusiast found it he began restoration work which would last for 20 years and now, finally, The Saint car star has been returned to its former glory and will be on display at a classic car show during September.

The P1800 isn’t the only thing to hit the headlines from Volvo this month. Volvo Trucks have released a new video which has the company President standing on top of the 15 tonne truck which is dangling in the air supported only by its hook. The video is meant to illustrate the remarkable strength of the new trucks and certainly does a good job. The front hook supposedly can hold up to 36 tonnes – that is the equivalent of 12 Indian elephants. Clearly it is going to be a good month for Volvo and for any old fans of The Saint.

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