Volkswagen: 2013 Rally The World Championship Winners

October 8, 2013 6:45 pm

volkswagen rally the world

In their first year of entering, Volkswagen has managed to secure the 2013 Rally the World Championship title with the help of winning driver Sébastien Ogier and team mate Julien Ingrassia. This is the first year that veteran winner Sébastien Loeb has not taken victory in 9 seasons and whilst this may partly be due to the fact that Loeb is concentrating on exploring new avenues of Motorsports, it is certainly a huge and very impressive start for the Volkswagen team. 

Volkswagen’s Polo R WRC, a modified and suped-up version of the Polo Subcompact, proved to be too much for the other drivers and cars in the race as Ogier’s performance gave him a landslide victory with no other contestants getting close to him on the points leaderboard.

In light of this success, Volkswagen’s website, Rally the World, has launched a new interactive game that can be played on both smartphones and computers. In the game, you get to virtually experience what it is like to sit behind the wheel of the Polo R WRC. The game itself mirrors the events of the Rally the World Championship this year and aims to promote Volkswagen’s triumphant entry into the sport. It uses “social fuel” to try and engage players from social networks such as Facebook and Twitter into playing the game with their friends.

It is always great to see new entries into less widely followed sports such as the World Rally and hopefully Volkswagen will be one of many new teams to start applying their technology, support and enthusiasm to this particular niche in motorsports. However, the real question is: will Volkswagen be able to continue its winning position and how will they cope now that Loeb and others are taking them more seriously?

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