U.S. Attorney General Expects More FIFA Arrests, Maybe Even Sepp Blatter’s

September 22, 2015 3:52 pm

Loretta Lynch, the U.S Attorney General on Monday morning, announced that she is anticipating the pursuit of additional charges against FIFA Officials. The US government is currently conducting an investigation into the corruption of the World football body FIFA and soccer in general.


Loretta Lynch made the announcement during a joint news conference held together with Swiss authorities in Zurich. Loretta gave this interview after she touted the length and breadth of the ongoing investigation and declaring America’s cooperation with other authorities.

Immediately after her announcement; free bets for various soccer leagues got a boost as punters have faith in the restoration of normalcy in the world football federation.

Different from the pending indictment, the U.S based investigation is very much alive and ongoing stated the attorney general. She added that the investigation has expanded and spans several more avenues since May 2015.

Lynch suggested that as she had stated earlier that their investigation is not limited to a particular scope and investigators are trailing the evidence to wherever it leads them to.

A Vote of Confidence

Loretta’s vote of trust in the significant cooperation and substantial evidence fronted by other authorities is likely going to raise free bets offers in the MLS. Pundits from outside the US feel compelled to follow the MLS after the U.S’s interest in cleaning the corrupt FIFA Federation.

The U.S Attorney’s recognition of the contribution from other authorities in and outside the US gives pundits hope that the U.S is committed to clean the football/soccer scene internationally.

Loretta added that based on the cooperation with other authorities and new evidence, the U.S is pursuing additional charges against persons and entities. Investigators of the investigation suggest that the corruption in soccer has been revealed to be global.

America is adamant to remain vigilant in its war against corruption and support the global response to ending the corruption.

Enter Michael Lauber

Switzerland’s attorney general Michael Lauber was present in the same press conference and has his say too. The Swiss stated that his office is looking into undervalued television rights that Sepp Blatter (FIFA’s president) signed.

The signed contracts rights were awarded to the now arrested former FIFA vice-president Jack Warner. Pundits now have more faith in football after the announcement and willing to participate more in free bets and other betting platforms.

The Swiss Attorney General gave a recount of how the SRF a Swiss broadcaster uncovered a 2005 contract. The contract proved that the Jack-Warner controlled Caribbean Football Union bought the rights in 2010 and 2014 World Cup tournaments for six-hundred-thousand dollars.

Jack Warner, a Trinidad native who before his arrest was CFU’s president, went ahead to sub-license the contract rights to his Cayman Islands-registered firm. The J&D International Company that he is said to be the owner.

Known as JDI, the firm sold the rights to broadcast football to Jamaican based Cable TV station (SportsMax) for a sum between US $18 million and US 20 million.

The Swiss Investigation

Switzerland is investigating how the 2018 Russia World Cup and 2022 Qatar World Cup bids were awarded to the respective countries. However, the Swiss investigation is also widening, and currently the Swiss have commenced raids on homes and seized property of the suspected individuals.

The seizure of properties and houses has seen Swiss Authorities acquire papers and critical information that is edging them closer to arresting Sepp Blatter.

Attorney General Michael Lauber stated in the press conference that they have attained crucial documents to further their investigations.

The records carry information such as FIFA President Sepp Blatter knew that he undersold the World Cup television rights in the Caribbean to gain political support.

Sepp Blatter is currently FIFA’s president and the evidence suggesting that he may be arrested for the widespread corruption under his watch has seen pundits restore faith in free bets offers!

This article was composed by sports aficionado Tony Samboras. As a sports fanatic Tony is continually taking about the improvements that occur around his most loved games. Tony’s other work incorporates contributing his insight to free bets online at freebookmakersbetsandbonuses.com.au.

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