The World’s Obsession With Coffee

December 23, 2013 1:28 pm

From New York to London and all the way to Australia, the world today is obsessed with Coffee. It is the “office” drink of choice and a drink that some people, quite literally, cannot live without. So what is it about the dark swirling drink that has people drinking it every single day of their lives?

For some coffee is a stimulant. It wakes them up in the morning, it stops them dozing off after lunch and it keeps them alert and awake when they need to be. Many of those people drink instant coffee or some of the more commonly known brands that you find stacks of in the local corner shop.

But for many, coffee holds a much deeper interest and pleasure. There are hundreds, probably thousands of different types, blended from different parts of the world and all made in their own unique fashion. Coffee is like a red wine or a cigar. There is a sophistication to it which goes beyond that of the instant coffee which some are drawn to.

Take, for example, Lavazza. Lavazza is an Italian coffee with a distinctive taste and aroma. To the coffee fanatic, this would taste completely different to any other coffee as it is made in its own special way. It is brands such as these that drive some people to search the world for new, different and special kinds of coffee.

The drink in itself has undoubtedly had an incredible impact on the world. Starbucks owe their fame and success to their original coffee and its popularity. A work break is more commonly known as a coffee break and countless puddings and chocolates are flavoured with the popular drink.

So why is coffee so popular? For some, like wine, because of its extensive variety of tastes and makes and for others because it makes them feel good, helps them work better and keeps them awake when nothing else can!

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