The Road Trip to Edinburgh from London

December 19, 2014 10:31 am

Trains were considered to be the least intimidating route to explore the vast English scenery. They are direct and whistle past landscapes of different cities. Roads on the other hand were considered to be obscure, hidden hedged and largely unsafe to navigate without a thick atlas. Thankfully, with the new age of technology, the GPS has made one of the most legendary journeys from London to Edinburgh possible. The A1 road is the most popular route to follow and it directly connects London to Edinburgh thought a 660 kilometer stretch.


The Best Route to Follow

However, most people take the M1 and M6 routes as well which gives a wider array of places to stop and enjoy, letting you cruise through Midlands and Birmingham, going all the way to the Scottish border. Although it should just take you more than 7 hours to reach, make a four day trip of it and explore along the way. Be sure to book budget hotels in Edinburgh, like Piries Hotel Central Edinburgh beforehand, so that you have a soft and cosy bed to rest in at the end of the long drive.

Leaving the English Capital

As your depart from London, trundle up through the M1 route or as an alternative you can take the M40 which does not offer much, save the Stoke Church escarpment, but may consider it convenient nonetheless. Go up straight up to Stratford-Upon-Avon, this civil parish in south Warwickshire is the birthplace of Shakespeare, after spending the evening there round up to Birmingham in another 22 miles, where you can choose to spend the night. On that note, be sure to book family friendly hotels in Edinburgh well in advance to get the best reservations.

Delights of Iron Bridge

Continue to Shropshire and wander around the Iron Bridge Gorge, which was the birth place of the industrial revolution. Drive cross country after a hearty breakfast to reach Sheffield, and be sure to drive through Buxton, it will be a stunning scenic route to cross. If you like to gaze at the famous stately homes, stop at Chatsworth house or even Derwent Valley Mills which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Heading Towards Durham

Reach the 2000 years old small city of York where the Minster’s Gothic masterpiece is worth a halt, just as is Clifford’s tower. In the Castle Museum you can see recreated scenes from Victorian and Edwardian. Further on the course to your budget hotel in Edinburgh, stop at Durham. The Cathedral there is world famous. Other attractions include Lindisfarne Gospels, St Cuthbert’s treasures in the cathedral. While you are there, have a sumptuous meal at the many great restaurants.

Exploring Kielder Water towards Scotland

After leaving Durham, head towards the largest artificial lake in England – Kielder Water, where you can enjoy beautiful moments amidst the scenery. You can hire a boat for a couple of hours to explore the area. Later, drive through the A74(M) and A702 routes after crossing the Scottish border to arrive at Edinburgh. Before you head to your family friendly hotel in Edinburgh, stop at George Street for sandwiches, cakes and delicate Scottish scones, which are to be washed down with sparkling champagne.

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