The Purge

August 30, 2015 10:59 am


Adolescent ambitions fill stairwells in a concrete jungle,
as excreted profanities plague graffiti-strewn passageways.
Forgotten by time and men with power – a place of past glories.
But this yearning revolt of youth catches rejuvenations’ eye.

Saddened by fresh death each week in the old-quarter zone,
solemnity beckons for the time it takes to remove a corpse.
Their effects discarded as new meat hastily scent-marks territory.
A wretched condition for life once brimming with celebration.

Sharp shrieks echo through a carnal chiaroscuro nightfall.
Sleepless stirring reveals discomfort at heart.
For who are these disagreeable devils, to come mostly at night,
and pertain to command the grounds where we live?

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