The Greatest Challenges for New Entrepreneurs

March 10, 2018 12:22 pm

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There is no doubt about it that becoming an entrepreneur comes with more than its fair share of challenges. Of course, there are plenty of rewards as well, but you need to be ready to overcome some hurdles until you reach them. If you have never gotten involved in the world of entrepreneurship before, this article is here for you. Once you have read through this list, hopefully, you feel more ready to confront the challenges in front of you head-on.

Leaving Behind Another Career

When you start your own business, you often have to leave behind a career. Of course, you may start trying to juggle both at first, but once your company grows big enough, you will probably want to devote more of your time and energy to this. There is no doubt that walking away from something that provides security into the world of the unknown is a very challenging thing to do, but all you can do is weigh up the possible rewards against the risks that you are running.


Thanks to the internet, many companies aren’t nearly as expensive to start as they once were. Setting up a limited company is well within the reach of many people. However, if you have grander plans, you need to find the finances from somewhere. While some people have the luxury of funding the business themselves, others aren’t nearly so lucky. So, you may need to apply for a business loan, find an angel investor or look at crowdfunding opportunities. Examine all the possible funding opportunities closely before settling on one which is right for you.


Many new entrepreneurs start entirely on their own, but once you start acquiring staff members, you then need to start investing time and energy into building the strong team that you need for success. As well as finding candidates to fill the available roles, you also need to consider their individual qualities and how they will fit into the business culture that you are creating. Try to make your recruitment process as thorough as possible, and try your best to get those first few hires right. They will set the template of how your company will be in the future.

Having Great Responsibility

As the founder of the business, you will be expected to lead the way. When a new competitor emerges, you will be expected to come up a strategy to deal with them. When you come up against an obstacle to your business growth, you will be the one who is expected to deal with it. This is a lot of pressure to pile on your shoulders if you are not used to having it before. The longer you run your business, the more experience that you will build up and the easier this responsibility will be to deal with.

Dealing with Unanswerable Questions

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The world of business is one that is full of questions without answer. How long will your company run for? What will your next challenge be? How much money will you make? Nobody can be sure that they are going to achieve success when they start a business, but they can give themselves the best chance by going in with a clear plan and the right attitude. The unknown is simply something that you are going to have to live with when you are an entrepreneur.


As an entrepreneur, there are hundreds of decisions that you will have to make on a daily basis, ranging from the small and unimportant to the big company-changing choices. Where possible, you need to be the one focusing on the big dilemmas while delegating the smaller ones to other trusted members of the team. If you try to deal with everything all by yourself, you will end up being pulled in too many different directions at once and you will not end up being at your most effective.

As you can see, new entrepreneurs face a host of diverse challenges. If you can overcome these fully, you will be will on the way to leading your business effectively. Learning something new every day is something that you should commit to when you run a company. Even the most experienced of business people need to keep themselves sharp as practices change and new competitors present themselves. Commit to doing this and you will set yourself apart from the crowd.    

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