Take Up an Adventurous Activity for a More Thrilling Life

May 8, 2018 5:37 pm

Do you love doing anything that gives you a thrill? Maybe you’re a recent convert to the adrenaline rush, and now you can’t stop looking for ways to find that excitement again. Some exciting, extreme activities are things you can’t do too often. You’re unlikely to go bungee jumping or skydiving every weekend. But there are some sports that you can pick up for an active and adventurous lifestyle. Spend all your spare time learning and honing your new skill, and you could make some friends for life along the way too. If you’re looking for a new adventure hobby, try one of these.


From surfing to kayaking, you can try out a range of skills on the water. Wakeboarding is one option to try if you’re looking for a thrill and perhaps want to work up to some tricks. You’re usually pulled by a motorboat, but you can also use things like cable systems to pull you along. This can make it easier to find somewhere to try it out. If you have a water sports centre nearby, see if they offer wakeboarding. As your interest grows, you might want to buy your own gear from Surface 2 Air Sports. You can take lessons or maybe find a wakeboarding club or group to join.

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Coasteering is a fantastic choice if you want an adventure that involves a few different activities. When you’re scrambling around the coast, you’ll hike, dive and swim to navigate it and just have fun. It’s pretty easy to find coasteering opportunities, especially in the UK where we have a whole lot of coast. You can book onto a trip for a day to give it a go. Pembrokeshire in Wales is a popular choice, but there are other places to try too, such as Cornwall. Once you’ve got a feel for it, you can find groups of people who arrange coasteering trips. Grab a good baby beach tent in case you are travelling with kids.

Dog Sledding

If you would prefer a winter activity, dog sledding is becoming increasingly popular. It’s easy to get to some of the top destinations for it from the UK – namely, places like Norway and Finland. You don’t need any experience to book yourself onto a trip, some of which might be half a day and some that span multiple days. Many trips also combine sledding with looking for the Northern Lights. Of course, dog sledding in the snow isn’t available all year. However, when there’s no snow, you can find events on dry land.

Downhill Mountain Biking

Mountain biking has always been a top choice for people who like a bit of adventure. However, if you’re looking for an extra thrill, you might want to consider downhill mountain biking. It adds extra speed, and there’s lots of rough terrain to navigate. If you want to give it a go, you can find some great parks designed just for biking. Places like BikePark Wales and Innerleithen in Scotland have “uplift” services to ferry you to the top of your chosen hill so that you can get to the downhill part sooner.

However you prefer to find your thrill, there are lots of options to pick out a new hobby. Choose something exciting to make your free time more adventurous.

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