Striking A Balance: Protect Yourself Without Ruining Working Relationships

July 23, 2017 7:45 pm

In an ideal world, you would be able to trust your employees implicitly. They are, after all, going to have a major say in whether your business works. Once you get down to it, though, there’s little room for trust in business. When your money is at stake, you can never be too careful.

Of course, you need to develop some level of trust in your employee’s abilities. If you doubt them at every turn, they won’t do their best work. You may even lose their support. So, the matter of trust is a delicate balance. How can you protect your business, while still giving your staff the space to do a good job? We’re going to take a look at a few precautionary measures you can take without making your colleagues feel that you doubt them.


Contracts should be a first port of call in any employment process. These will set the standard for your working relationships, and ensure staff can’t take advantage. Consider the main areas where unrestricted access would be foolhardy. Include them in your contracts. Small things, like not talking about the running of the business outside work, are a must. In your mind, it may go without saying. But, if it isn’t stated in the contract, your employees may not think so. Include, too, how much notice they need give if they leave and so on.

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With a bit of luck, you’ll never have to return to these contracts. But, it’s crucial you have them. Make sure, too, that staff read through carefully before signing. You need to know they’ve understood what they’re agreeing to. When the deed is done, photocopy the contract and give one to them so they can come back to it if they need to.


Insurance is another fantastic way to protect yourself. This will come into play in a few different ways. For one, insuring your business space and products will protect against colleague theft. None of us like to think of one of ours taking advantage, but it does happen. Make sure you’re not out of pocket in that situation.

Other than that, insurance needs vary from company to company. Haulage company owners, you need to insure your fleet against accidents. That way, you won’t lose out if a driver gets a little over zealous. Office owners, you need to insure your office software. That way, you’re protected against equipment theft and breakages. Measures like these will help you gain the right level of trust. After all, they’ll stop you having to worry and open the path for a positive working relationship.


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It’s also important to install cameras. You can also install Watchman EVO system and be sure that your office is fully protected. These are a necessity for security purposes anyway. They may also help you with any untrustworthy colleagues. Bear in mind that there are laws about the use of cameras. You shouldn’t spy on your staff members. But, if there is in-house theft, or if an employee tries to take you to court, camera footage could save the day.

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