Scorned Reviewed: Scarred For Life!

March 18, 2015 9:00 am

Scorned released in 2013 and directed by Mark Jones. Its premise is infidelity and the circumstances that soon surface as an affair progresses. The establishing (opening) shots attempt to demonstrate a strong presence. White text lies on a black backdrop; its content leads to a convincing argument. SMS messages read by the suspicious girlfriend or the cheating male. The reader is identified in seconds. I had only one perception, one expectation of Scorned as an observer. The picture I had in mind wasn’t one that matched on screen. Why? Well, the title screen, the synopsis, as well as the use of iconography and so on are all traits usually recognised in the horror genre. The overall ambiance is eerie, and somewhat disturbing. Boy, was I misled! Instead, I was welcomed with narcissism,”disturbi”’ at its core and outright violence. That being said, I want to give this film the benefit of the doubt. After all, the lead female character [Annalynne McCord] is bipolar. Her childhood memories are tainted with sex abuse.


Her flashbacks and visions present the audience with an opportunity to take a peek, and understand her past. It’s horrific, troublesome, and disturbing to say the least. As observers, we get a chance to acknowledge the protagonist’s personality and state of mind.


The film intensifies on the notion of infidelity. Furthermore, it mirrors one’s characteristics and exploits insecurities.


Life is anything but simple for these three who are caught in a love triangle, and web of lies.  And it only gets worse. Sadie’s actions, although hold some validation prove to be irrational.


Her behavior, aggression, and dictatorship attitude shows no tolerance to betrayal whatsoever, as one would expect. Without giving away too many spoilers. Let’s briefly look and associate Scorned with Barbara Creed’s theory “of vagina dentanta”. To put it simply, the term is a representation of feminism and female perception. First it was Teeth (2007), then Kill Bill (2003) now Scorned. Audiences are encouraged to consider role reversal, stronger and masculine women in Hollywood. Sadie threatens and then demands the two to perform a sexual act in front of her. If the two refuse, the dog belonging to her ex best friend will be sacrificed. This is an example of Vagina dentata. Sadie shows her dictatorship and dominance by giving the couple an ultimatum.


In a desperate attempt to keep her man Sadie resorts to extreme measures. Her expressive nature is depicted as violent and explosive rage.


The brutal attacks and kills evident in Scorned reminds us of the methods used by serial killers from 90s teen slashers like Ghost face, Michael Myers, and Freddy. If we further analyse the film, it’s apparent it has taken elements from all kinds of reputable movie titles. Its torture scenes are a resemblance of Saw (2004). Her rage emulates the protagonist George Lutz [Ryan Reynolds in The Amityvile Horror (2005). Sadie’s heartbreak and betrayal slightly mirrors the trials and tribulations that Carrie endures in the self-titled horror classic Carrie (1976).


In my opinion, I don’t think Scorned should be credited as a horror title. I wasn’t scared. I didn’t have the chills and it lacked ambiance, not to mention jump scares. It tried to capture the essence of horror, but unfortunately failed miserably within 10 minutes of the opening sequence. From then on, it became repetitious and ridiculous!

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