“People need to relax about sex” – Interview with American sex blogger Lucy Vonne

August 16, 2013 1:21 pm

Lucy Vonne is a popular sex blogger based in Los Angeles. She reviews sex toys, porn and male porn stars. She also sales for “Zero Tolerance” and “Evolved”. She runs “Sexy Blogtime!” – it’s Lucy Vonne’s input on everything in the adult world. From toy and porn reviews to bringing people the hottest porn studs around in the business. She was named one of the best sex toy reviewers of 2008 and 2009 by the pleasurists.com and can be seen in the 2010 edition of the NYC Sex Blogger Calendar as Miss June. I spoke to her about sex toys and sex world we live in…

Piotr Balkus: On your blog sexyblogtime.com people can find info about you and sex toys. Do you think without your blog people’s sex life would be poorer and more boring?

lucy vonneLucy Vonne: I think I have helped some women not be afraid to express themselves sexually and be ok with their sex drive and what they want out of sex. If my blog wasn’t around I don’t think the world would be in an uproar. However, for some people who I have helped yes I think their sex life would be poorer or more boring. I only know this from letters and responses I have gotten from people I have helped.

Do you personally use sex toys with same frequency as you write about them?

I probably use toys more! I use sex toys about 6 days a week. And that’s for my own personal use, on top of the ones I get to review. It would be much less except my fiancé is away for work Monday through Friday so I have a lot of alone time to play with all my toys. Plus it’s just so much fun.

You also review porn movies. What do you think about pornography? Is it good thing or band thing?

I can no longer watch porn for the most part. Not because I don’t like it but I know most people in the industry and I don’t really want to watch my friends have sex. It has to be porn where I don’t really know anyone and I can really enjoy it. But working in this industry as long as I have I am personally kind of over porn. Not that I think any less of it but it just doesn’t always do it for me anymore, maybe because I’ve been behind the scenes too long. I think porn is a great thing though. Sure you hear about scandals here and there but in this day and age what industry doesn’t have those types of things. When used in a responsible manner, porn is amazing. If there was no porn, I would have never found my future husband.

Do you think there are still taboos in sex world?

I think there will always be taboos in this industry, no matter what time we are. Some taboos may change or lighten but there will always be something someone doesn’t like. It also depends on the person too. What bothers me may not bother someone else. Like some people think a wand vibrator is normal, others don’t. There will always be a spectrum with these things.

Some people say that sex toys destroy humanity, as they are a imitation of real relationship with real partners…

I think that is completely ridiculous. I have always said, no matter how much I love sex toys, they are no kind of replacement for a real person and a real relationship. Sure they may physically satisfy me but they will never emotionally satisfy me. And in realty they never 100% physically satisfy me. Can a vibrator cuddle me when it’s done giving me an orgasm? Will it hug me when I’m having a bad day? No it won’t. I also think sex toys, even bdsm toys can strengthen a relationship and in some cases make it better. My fiancé and I use sex toys to spice things up or have fun or do something different.

lucy1_haviopSex and porn is your daily bread. Have you ever thought about changing the hobby and this job?

This truly is my passion, which I’m sure will make no sense to some people. I have thought about maybe venturing into another side of the industry, going back to school and maybe becoming a sex therapist. That is my favorite part of the job, helping people. The letters I get from people about how I’ve said something or posted something and it’s helped them so much just makes me truly happy and smile. That’s the best feeling, knowing you have made such a difference in someone’s life.

What do you think about American pornification (ponificated society)? Is it a big problem in States?

I think if it isn’t handled correctly it could be a problem. My friend Cindy started this wonderful website called “make love not porn” to help correct with the pornification that has happened with the youth of America. Sex is everywhere these days, sometimes good and sometimes bad. I think there needs to be more communication between parents and kids about sex. Prepare them for what’s out there so they understand what’s going on. People need to relax about sex, I think if they were more relaxed about it this wouldn’t be much of an issue.

Are you in any way romantic person if comes to love and sex? Or just porn killed a romanticism in you?

Oh I am a huge romantic, porn could never kill that for me. As sexual as I am I still have some old fashioned moral and life goals. I am getting married next month to the love of my life. We make love, but sometimes he bangs the crap out of me, just depends on my mood. But even before my career in the adult industry I was a hopeless romantic. Most of society thinks if you work in “Adult” you get desensitized to feelings and love and romance. Not true at all for me. I just happen to be a very sexual dirty romantic.

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