Parents with Alzheimers – How to Deal with It

June 5, 2015 3:30 pm

Taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s can be highly demanding. The situation is even more challenging if it’s a loved one is afflicted by this disease. It can be financially, physically and emotionally draining. Clinical psychologist Donna Cohen says, “This is one of the most common and difficult care giving challenges that adult kids face.” Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia, according to UK-based Alzheimer’s Society. So, you could be dealing with people who have memory lapses, difficulty in problem solving or even language-related issues, making communication tough. People often opt for an esteemed nursing home in Crawley West Sussex to ensure that their loved one gets the needed support.

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Evaluate Your Circumstances

Taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s is time consuming. You may think that you will get used to it with time. However, remember that Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease. It will get increasingly challenging. In case you have a job and kids to look after, you may find it very difficult to look after a parent with Alzheimer’s. While it is difficult to let go, it may be in the best interest of your parent to select a trustable Crawley nursing home like Ashton House, which has a team of professional caregivers to provide complete care and support.

Give Them Your Understanding

In order to exhibit compassion for those suffering from Alzheimer’s, it is important to understand what your parent is going through. People with this condition often feel confused about the decline in their mental abilities. They feel extremely vulnerable and look for any form of support that they can get. They are battling to retain their identity, and even their self respect as they become increasingly dependent on others. At a time like this, the best thing you can do for your parent is to lend a ear and offer kind words. Although it is easy to feel irritated with their forgetfulness, you need to exercise restraint and respond to them with kindness. You can even praise them or seek their advice in an effort to preserve their self worth.

Do Things to Trigger Memory

Make a picture collage for them, so that they can recognise faces of friends and relatives. You can also add the names of these people next to the photos. Creating a timeline will also help them recollect past incidents, like important dates and milestones. This will give them a sense of connection to the past. Create time to watch videos and family recordings with them, like clippings of wedding, parties and small home videos.

Make Time for Them

Make time to call and visit them. You can spend time playing a board game or even read a book out to your parent. Your attention and care would probably mean the world to your parent. Even Alzheimer’s cannot take that away.

Don’t wait for the illness to progress to a severe stage before taking action. Check out Hayward’s Heath dementia nursing homes and identify one that will provide the needed care. You can even talk to the professionals at these care homes to seek advice on when to make the move.

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