LG Teams Up With YouTube Stars Dude Perfect To Launch Their G3 Smartphone

July 22, 2014 3:09 pm

You may well have heard of Dude Perfect, the YouTube sensation who have almost three million subscribers and essentially get to spend their work day doing fun trick shots, using the latest gadgets and basically living the life every man amongst us dreams of. In their recent video they have teamed up with LG to showcase the extraordinary new camera on the LG G3. The video can be seen below:

The various capabilities of the smartphone camera which are showcased in the video include the touch and shoot, sequential shoot features and the all-important widescreen selfie. The clip uses both the LG and a video recorder to film the showcase and it is very clear that the LG has superior videoing capabilities in comparison to the video recorder. As a result, what is made abundantly obvious by Dude Perfect‘s fun filled video is that if you are looking for a smartphone with an integrated camera that will save you having to get a real camera as well, then the LG G3 is a phone that gives you the best of both gadgets and combines them into something fantastic.

LG have certainly made a smart move by teaming up with Dude Perfect and with such influential potential upon their millions of fans, this collaboration can only further LG’s recent success and help them move into the big players amongst the smartphone companies. The G3 seems to show a genuine upgrade to what is being offered elsewhere when it comes to camera utility and this will interest a lot of people in this day and age where smartphones double up as the modern camera.

For us, there is one thing that is for certain: we wouldn’t mind getting a new Headquarters to rival that of Dude Perfect HQ; although we aren’t entirely sure how they manage to get any work done…

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