Hypnotist Justin Tranz Helps Ikea Travel To The Future

August 20, 2014 4:58 pm

World renowned hypnotist, Justin Tranz, has pulled a new and interesting stunt in league with Ikea for a new time travel experiment. In what can only be described as a parent’s worst nightmare, Justin hypnotises a couple into seeing their future daughter at various stages of her life. The future daughters are played by actresses who know exactly what is going on. The first scene shows a screaming brat who instead of getting a pony for her birthday gets an alarm clock and in true modern fashion throws her “toys” out the pram. The couple look completely bewildered as they stand idly by holding a giant pink cake working out how to deal with the spoilt brat that has suddenly materialised into their lives.

With a click of the finger their daughter is now a teenager who is going to visit her new boyfriend ‘George’. Naturally, the parents have something to say about this and another typical teenage-parent argument ensues. Once again Justin works his magic and their daughter has grown up with George moving into the couple’s house. A naked hippy, George, materialises out of nowhere as he has a shower in what the couple perceive to be their bathroom and hilarity ensues as he asks them to pass the lotion.



Whether or not Justin Tranz actually successfully hypnotised the couple is completely up for debate but Ikea have certainly been clever in showcasing their entire furniture range for kids and teenagers as well their bathroom accessories behind an entertaining future time travel scenario. No doubt the couple involved will hope that if they have a daughter, things go slightly differently to their hypnotism otherwise they may well be cursing their ‘déjà vu’.

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