How to create high quality blog content

December 2, 2014 4:35 pm

The purpose of a blog is to share your thoughts about a topic (or a number of topics) that you are passionate about in order to attract readers and viewers, who are interested in the same areas, with engaging and captivating content. There are a number of different ways that you can go about creating high quality blog content and taking advantage of all of your available resources to create interesting and engaging content is a must.

Stick to a plan

Planning for a blog is mainly around two different areas; the first is to develop a schedule that will adhere to time constraints and keep the audience interested by constantly feeding them new content, as well as making it easy for them to remember when new posts become available. By maintaining a consistent and timely plan for both written and video content, people who come to the blog will remain invested and engaged for future visits. The second area is the topic (s) that each post will cover and the post’s structure. Having a coherent, clear idea of what each post is going to be about and what it will add to your blog is an easy way to ensure all of your content is engaging and interesting for your readers.

Written content 

This is the bare bones of any blog and should be the majority of the content you are putting out. Whether you’re an experienced blogger or just beginning, producing consistent written content is essential. Unique topics and adding a personal touch to everything you write about is a great way to create your own identity and start drawing in loyal readers. Well thought out, detailed and informative posts are then a great way to keep readers engaged and hungry for more.

Occasionally you might want to put several posts up at the same time, either when you first start off your blog or if you are trying to expand your reader-base and this can be difficult on your own. The best way to achieve this sort of rapid blogging relies upon the assistance from guest bloggers, and this is a great way to expose your blog to other reader-bases too. Websites such as Outreachr allow for you to find other bloggers that you could link up to benefit both your site and there’s. Just remember to offer a link back to their site and credit for their work, that way it helps both sides and creates the possibility of a future partnership connection!

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Video content

Relevant and current posts of information on a blog are the key to receiving consistent visitors and the use of video content is a great way to put across this kind of information. Video content has become the most influential and widespread form of information on the planet and it is a much more engaging way to put across information, with the potential for lots of interesting features. Check here to learn about a video production company that can create high quality video content. Incorporating video content into your blog will definitely improve the quality of content that is present and help make it more engaging and unique.

Video can be incorporated into your blog in a number of different ways, such as the ever popular video blog or vlogging and through the integration of written content and small videos to further explain or develop upon a point. Video production companies like Phink TV have experience working with all kinds of video content and know the best practises when it comes producing the top quality video content.

Determine your target audience

When developing both written and video content, it is imperative to know the target audience that your content is being aimed at and should establish a list of goals for the video to touch upon in conjunction with this to ensure you are mentioning the topics that are important to them. Once your target audience has been found, whether is it fashion, film, education, product marketing, etc., get to work on releasing content that is aimed at them and what they are interested in.

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While written content is important, the blog will benefit greatly from written content being integrated with visual content. Let people visiting your blog know that there is a video that accompanies your post and make sure it is relevant and interesting to watch.

A blog post will undoubtedly be more effective if you keep restating the points you are covering to make them as memorable as possible in your reader’s mind. Structure your posts according so that you briefly summarise your main points at the beginning and end of the post, with a more in-depth analysis in the middle.

Some things to avoid

Don’t post on the blog too much. Bombarding your readers with content can be counterproductive as they might find it annoying and not have the time to read everything. Focusing on getting content out quickly might also affect the quality of the pieces you are writing.

Overwhelming the audience with too much information at once can be very damaging as the information you cover is too in-depth and goes over their heads. This will cause readers to lose interest in your posts and prefer other sources of information.

Steer clear of commonly presenting long posts; too much written content might drive off readers and viewers. Medium sized, to the point articles are the best way to go as they sufficiently cover the important points without going into too much detail.

High quality blogs integrate video content with written content seamlessly, while evading too much or too little information. Create a healthy balance of substance and quality to help your blog be well on its way to being the best it can be.

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