How Are Smart Startups Fighting Back Against Funding Problems?

October 24, 2017 9:51 pm

As a result of the global economic insecurities suffered over the past decade, obtaining capital for a new business is tougher than ever. Banks are reluctant to provide funds without guarantees, and even private investment has become harder to find. This has forced many startups to change their approach, and the best ones are doing so in fantastic fashion.

In many cases, creative entrepreneurs have used crowdfunding as a way to generate capital. Meanwhile, additional revenue streams can be utilised to compensate for reduced levels of bank funding. However, finding alternative sources of funding has only been the start.


Assembling a team is still one of the most important tasks that any entrepreneur encounters. When funds are tight, hiring quality becomes even more vital. The smartest startups often find that outsourcing certain tasks ranging from admin to customer care can work wonders. Likewise, running mutually beneficial internships can make the staffing budget go further.

More importantly, though, entrepreneurs are learning to appreciate the power of motivation. Keeping employees in good spirits ensures that they’ll take greater care of the customers. Furthermore, it can lead to a spike in productivity. Work perks ranging from flexitime to improved staff facilities can work wonders.

Employees are one of the greatest assets at any employer’s disposal. However, they must also make the most of the working environment. Nissen and Quonset inspired buildings are alive and well. They can provide more affordable storage and manufacturing facilities. Meanwhile, the installation of mezzanine floors can transform workspaces. Alternatively, offices may be shared to reduce the costs.   

The sharing of facilities isn’t limited to workspaces, though. Whether it’s skills trades, placing joint orders, or running combined marketing schemes doesn’t matter. The smartest millennials have appreciated that not all other companies are direct competition. In many cases, they can become a secret weapon.

Without a doubt, the growth of online transactions has produced the greatest change in living memory. The best startups don’t simply get more from their websites. They additionally utilise social media and third-party selling platforms. This can maximise visibility, interest, and conversion rates. Better still, web interactions enable companies to serve a far wider audience. It also promotes the emotional connection and understanding of their needs and desires.


The best startups appreciate that the customer is the most important person in the operation. As such, satisfying their needs is always top of the agenda. This extends beyond the quality of products. Revel point-of-sale systems offer easy transactions for the client and simple tracking for the business. When coupled with the ability to take more payment types, it compensates for downfalls in other parts of the venture.

When it comes to expanding, smart companies may borrow money against a percentage of future sales. This enables growth before missing the boat. In truth, that ability to move forward in spite of the various obstacles is arguable the best attribute of the modern entrepreneur. The modern world of business has become very tough and competitive, but the potential for profit is at an all-time high. A growing number have worked out how to reach it, and you can too.

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