Guide to a Good Night’s Sleep

October 17, 2013 3:03 pm

With every hour of the day full to the brim with work, parenting, DIY, shopping and socialising, but mostly work, there is no surprise that many people are not getting sufficient sleep to help them wake up facing each new day revitalised and refreshed. Having a nightly routine to help aid a restful sleep is massively important to our general health and well-being.

good night's sleepThere are many activities that we are all guilty of taking part in, that are not suitable for getting the most out of the few hours we have to recharge our batteries ready for the next days onslaught of stress and work. Take a look at these useful tips to help de-stress and maximise your sleep time.

Firstly, alcohol is terrible for keeping people awake into the early hours. Despite it being easy to fall asleep after a few cheeky vinos, more often than not you will wake a few hours later, dehydrated and unable to get back into a deep sleep. Try to avoid alcoholic drinks a few hours before turning in for the night and drink plenty of water to rehydrate your body as you sleep. A drunken stupor does not result in quality sleep, so save the doubles and large glasses for the weekend!

Too much food before bedtime can cause heartburn and indigestion, even stomach cramps. Walk off any large meal or avoid big dinners at night-time completely whenever possible. This way your body won’t be in over-drive trying to burn off calories and energy while your brain wants to sleep.

sleepThey say a bath before bedtime is perfect to help relax. Well, a bath an hour before bedtime is more beneficial. The body needs to regulate its temperature after a steamy soak in the tub and as it cools down it makes you feel sleepy, make the most of this by timing your bath just right!

The most overlooked yet important factor in a decent nights sleep is your bed. Any damage to the mattress or the base of the bed such as the slats or springs, will only make a person less comfortable and can cause a myriad of physical aches and pains from aching muscles to a stiff back and neck. Have a look at stuart jones beds at as well as other leading bed manufacturers to see what kind of support is available to suit your needs.

Also, don’t forget the bedroom itself. The bedroom should be cool, dust free and a haven of calm in a busy home. All electrical items should be turned off before trying to sleep, helping your brain unwind well before you close your eyes and drift into a deep and relaxing slumber.

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