Football: What’s good this weekend?

April 10, 2015 8:16 pm
Another weekend of football is coming and it’s time to predict the outcome, based on our clubs recent form. Or just based on mean and unbiased comments? Which ever way you may see it, let’s dive in:
Manchester city liverpool
-The game everybody is talking about this weekend is the Manchester derby. Now, if you told predictors and inappropriately biased fans at the beginning of the season that Manchester United will go into the last Manchester Derby of season as the favorites, they would have laughed at you. But now they will make so many excuses that you will pass out from hearing their nonsense. But the fact is that at the moment, United Rocks and City Sucks. And even if City manage to come out of the derby with a victory,  the point is that United is playing as team chasing the title and City is playing as team justifying their paychecks.
– In the build up to the game of the Weekend, Aguero as claimed Falcao is still a top striker despite his rise into the Elite of Epic Flops . Now, I know that it’s good to support a fellow striker but saying that Falcao is still a top striker is like saying that Bacary Sagna is the main candidate to replace Dani Alves at Barcelona. It’s not impossible but it’s just pushing things way too far. Or maybe Aguero is doing Mourinho; is playing mind games.
-Arsenal play Burnley on Saturday and the in-form Gunners will have chance to bully another opponent and keep their title chance alive. What happened to the team that used to flash their  amazing hard work down the toilet toward the end of the season. Did they pass on that habit to Liverpool and Manchester City? Or am I speaking too soon? We will see. Oh yea lookout for a much expected and unsurprising Olivier Giroud’s goal.
– Tottenham ‘ColdSuprs’ is playing Aston-Benteke Villa and main man Harry Kane is still hoping that his team can finish in the top 4. Now should they win and should City loose, they will be 4 points behind the champions but they  have to remember that with 5 games remaining, City and Liverpool will do everything in their power to finish the season in the top 4. So good luck Spurs, even though you need more than that. Coz even if City and Liverpool are doing an Arsenal at moment, I don’t think that they will be generous enough to just let you slip into the top 4.
– Southampton is playing Hull City at the weekend and a win might give them a chance to still finish in the top 4… OK that should be classified as a joke coz even if they win their all remaining games, it will take a huge miracle from God for them to finish in the top 4. And I mean huge like food falling to the Israelites in the desert.
– ‘Just doing enough’ Chelsea is playing ‘surviving at all cost’ QPR. Now, QPR home record is as unimpressive as Chelsea’s  goalscoring record in the last 3 games so we might be looking at the unpredictable game of the weekend. I mean obviously Hazard will score or create a goal, but will Courtois aka ‘messed up but redeemed himself’ be able to stop free scoring QPR? Will the Rangers be able to score for fun a against Chelsea? Will Cahill and Matic defensives mistakes cost the Blues the game? Although Mourinho will start Oscar and he, Oscar will repay his boss with a pathetic 45 minutes display, and many other common Chelsea nonsense, I don’t think that one can predict the exact final score.
– After loosing to Manchester City (who am I kidding) Manchester United and Arsenal, Liverpool have a chance to prove that they are not the new Arsenal when they face Newcastle United on Monday. With the knowledge that they can find themselves in 7th position by kick off, Brendan Rodgers men know that less than a victory is out of the question. Oh and if they keep on playing the way they do, Sterling will pull off a Suarez with a formal transfer request. He might even go as far as biting someone at European U21 Championship. Who knows what goes into players minds these days.
– After struggling against a determined Rayo Vollecano on Wednesday, Real Madrid faces Eibar at the Santiago Bernabeu on Saturday. Now although it’s a home game, Real might find it difficult to win as Cristiano Ronaldo is set miss the game through suspension. And with Gareth Bale becoming a shadow of the man he used to be, Los Blancos fans will be hoping that Benzema and ‘fit again’ James can carry them through victory. Anyway I don’t really blame Bale coz if he scores, he will be probably booed for not having scored with his nose. We never know with those fans. But honestly speaking, if Bale under performs again, he might want to borrow Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility coz those Madrid will definitely not be happy.
-Barcelona is playing Sevilla on Saturday and although we should make prediction about who will score and will step up the goals, the most important thing we should look forward to is who will be next actor to emerge from the Barcelona after Javier Mascherano and Luis Suarez demonstrated their talents in the last few weeks. If this goes on until the end of the season, one of these players might just end up in Captain America Civil War. And it won’t be surprise since everybody will be in it.
– Should I even talk about Athletico Madrid game against Malaga or will that just be a waste of time?
-So in Serie A… Juventus will win and they will go on and win the League, the other teams are just grooming their players so that they will sell them at an expensive price to a bigger club, and then use the money to buy another bunch of cheap players. It’s always happen this way.
-Moving to the Bundesliga and well… Bayern will probably inflict pain to their opponents or they will win by a small margin to make us think that the Bundesliga still competitive, or they might even loose; it’s not like it’s gonna diminish their chance of winning the title. They won it before they went on Christmas break.
-Elsewhere in Germany: Borussia Monchengladbach faces ‘out but not dead yet’ Borussia Dortmund in a battle of…well Monchengladbach is trying to get in Champions League and Dortmund is trying to finish the season on a high. Although it should be an interesting game to watch, nobody will care coz it’s not La Liga or the Premier League. And I don’t really blame them coz the Bundesliga stop being interesting when all the Germans clubs started funding Bayern perfection.
-Also this weekend in Germany: High flying Wolfsburg will be hoping that their top stars (mostly Kevin De Bruyne), will add to their price tag with a win against used to be very good Hamburg.
– In France: Since PSG and Lyon won’t be playing this weekend, Marseille will be hoping that a win against 6e place Bordeaux will keep in the title race, even though we all know that the minute PSG players started to show respect to their price tags, they will go on to win the title. So nothing much to preview in France.
So will it be another weekend of predictable results? Will we see some surprises? Or will some teams get back in form? I don’t know about you but I have a feeling that this weekend is gonna be… wait for it… as predictable as every other weekend.
Supra Checkin’ Out.
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