Football Sterotypes

December 3, 2014 2:51 pm

No player in the world will ever tell us the  real reasons why they joined a specific club. But thanks to Football Stereotypes, we can guess what motivates a player when he moves to a specific club, given the reputation and image that the club gives. So let’s look at some of these clubs.
Arsene Wenger has a plan, we might find out what it is one day. But whatever it is, I wanna be part of it.
Chelsea:Chelsea has a big influence and each season, they have a chance of winning at least one trophy. So let me just sign for them, even though I will be on the transfer list in the next transfer window

Manchester United:

They are a great club with a great history. If I go there, I will wear the same number that… (a Manchester United Legend) wore in his days.

Manchester City:

They have so much money that they don’t know who to buy. Even though there are 11 players already playing in the same position as me, at least I can play one game in the UEFA Champions League.


They were once great, and they are trying to get back to that standard. If they want me, it means that I am the final piece of the Jigsaw.

Real Madrid:

They have so many great players already, but they want me. I’m gonna go there because whatever money my current club will ask, they will pay.


They have so many fantastic players and they also have Messi. So I’m gonna go there and make sure that Messi wins another ballon d’Or.

Atletico Madrid:

Simeone is doing something great in there which allows ordinary players to become great players. I want to be one of them.

Bayern Munich:

They buy the best players from other Germans clubs, in order to eliminate the competition, which guarantees them to win the League before the January transfer window opens. I wanna add German Champion to my list of achievements.


Nobody in France can ‘Get it Like Them’, so even if I’m gonna be played out of position, at least we will win the League and the two French Cups, and of course claim that we were unfairly eliminated in the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals.

I might not be a Football player but let’s admit it, at least 6 out of 11 players think that way.

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