ENO’s The Magic Flute

October 28, 2013 2:10 pm

The English National Opera is bringing a new production to the stage in the form of The Magic Flute. Whilst this opera has been performed with great popularity in the past, the new production will contain some notable differences. The orchestra will be completely visible to the audience allowing viewers to interact fully with both the on stage and off stage drama. As well as this, “breathtaking” projections will go on throughout the opera to enhance the experience in an effort to create a more visually attractive performance.

Simon McBurney, the artistic director, describes how he hopes the experience will improve the audience’s capability to both and see and hear more effectively the story and music of the opera. This new approach by ENO is something that may become more widespread in the future, depending on the success of The Magic Flute. Whilst traditional opera is something to hold on to and cherish, the advances made by ENO that will be seen in The Magic Flute will arguably allow a wider audience to understand, enjoy and partake in opera performances.

There can be no doubt that the opera has often been associated with the misconception that it is only available for the elite classes as something that is expensive and primarily for the intellectually superior. The Magic Flute hopes to dissuade people from this opinion and aims to create and develop a new found love for opera by those who might never have experienced it before.

The opera will be performing between the seventh of November and the seventh of December and can be seen on London’s impressive Coliseum stage. Tickets can be purchased for as little as £12.

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