Enjoying the Berkshire History at Reading

December 20, 2014 11:25 am

Like many of the cities in Great Britain, Reading has its fair share of culture and heritage. Today it is a city that has embraced modern change, while the 1400 year old history remains honoured. A visitor will find impressive structures, buildings, the National Trails, and some of the best transport links in the country; amidst the other historical sights. All this attracts many tourists from around the world, to this multicultural town. The best way to explore the city is to stay at a centrally located Reading studio apartment.


Soaking up the History

You will discover intriguing buildings and remarkable stories intertwined with the streets. The city was originally found and named by the Saxons, as they decided to settle between the fertile basin between Kennet and the Thames around 800AD. Amongst the theories behind its name, one that is widely believed is that it was named after the Saxon tribal leader Reada, thus getting its name which translates to “Reada’s people” in ancient Saxon. Surviving invasions from the Normans and the Vikings, it has become a set for Royal marriages andhome to a European pilgrimage site. Some of the historicpartscan be explored by taking a circular route from the Town Hall Square. Begin your day from your serviced apartments in Reading like the Rainbows Lodge hotel, after a sumptuous breakfast. The Museum of Reading is a fine place to start.

The Town Hall complex

It was designed by the Victorian architect Alfred Waterhouse. Three linked structures make up this Gothic complex – The Museum of Reading, the Concert Hall and the Town Hall. The Town Hall still preserves its original Georgian structure in its assembly of rooms. The Concert Hall contains the famous Willis Organ, due to which this has become a popular venue for business and art events.

The Forbury and Maiwand Lion

The Victorian Forbury Gardens retains its original plan from 1855, with the exception of latest additions like the fountain, bandstand, and famous renovated Maiwand Lion. The Lion was erected in 1884 in honour of the Berkshire Regiment men killed tragically at Battle of Maiwand, the Afghan campaign. It has become a symbol of this town and is believed to be the largest statue in the world of a standing Lion. You can pack a picnic basket from your Reading studio apartments to enjoy a couple of hours in this garden.

St Laurence’s Church and Graveyard

This is one of the most beautiful churches in Reading. This ancient structure was part of the original Abbey building and was known popularly as the townspeople’s church. Today, it stands after surviving over 800 years, including a World War II bomb blast that damaged the whole area.

The Abbey Gateway

Originally it was part of the Abbey’s defences, but later on fine statuary and carved stone work was added on the The Forbury side which was soon admired by all.

Other attractions include The Kennet, the Reading Prison, The Abbey Ruins, theHuntley and Palmers, and the Blake’s Lock to name a few. These can be easily reached from your serviced apartments in Reading through the city’s transport network.

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