Enhancing Your Corporate Identity with Corporate Clothing

September 1, 2015 11:33 am

Using corporate clothing in the workforce provides numerous advantages, including the most important –getting your brand name advertised.

corporate uniforms

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Corporate branding is not an easy topic to define, but simply put, it basically means that your organization or company is influenced by the perceptions of others. Therefore, it is imperative that you design a positive brand, which often includes a “corporate image,” including your concept and depicting your values through logo slogans, and hard-working employees.

Nowadays, many companies are combining the two and requiring employees to wear corporate uniforms UK-wide to work.

Why Should Your Company Wear Corporate Clothing?

Wearing corporate clothing to the workforce provides many advantages. While traditionally you may think of office apparel as a suit and tie or a black dress and blazer, corporate clothing exceeds that standard. Often corporate clothing refers to a sort of uniform and that shows professionalism at its best.

It often promotes solidarity and teamwork among your staff, but it’s so much more than that. Potential clients will see teamwork, as well as good core values thus strengthening the image of your company.  However, the main reason you should wear corporate clothing to work is to promote your company brand in many different ways:

  • Wearing corporate clothing changes dynamics within the company. You will often feel more connected and develop better teamwork habits. This will help the company’s overall work production as employees meet deadlines better and even take to social media more often with photos and tweets, making the brand more visible.
  • Along those lines, a corporate clothing dress code enforces traditional work ethics, with everyone looking their best. Your employees may take pride in their new clothes and strive to not only take care of their appearance but meeting goals at the office.
  • Wearing corporate clothing wears especially well in a retail or hospitality setting, though it’s beneficial in all sorts of jobs. Wearing company uniforms in the same colour with your logo either stitched or imprinted on makes it easier for customers to locate you. It helps them familiarise themselves with your brand, if they see the same colour scheme, graphics and logo on your corporate clothing as they do on your website or social media marketing info.
  • Corporate clothing is beneficial to smaller local or non-profit businesses as well. If you run a local diner, you’d still want your servers and wait staff to wear the same t-shirts with your logo imprinted on them, paired with the same style of skirts or black pants. Depending on the theme, you can work with a company to design some really laidback and fun shirts, while still matching and coordinating so you’re easily recognized by customers in a crowd.
  • Corporate clothing provides free advertising of your brand at various events. If you’re a larger company and trying to land some more clients at another trade expo, you may consider wearing polo shirts with your company name embroidered in the corner, but also offering caps or canvas bags with your brand name on it. These will allow clients to remember your brand as they comb through the sea of people.

Research has proven time and time again that corporate attire or uniforms promote professionalism in the workplace. If you need help finding one in the UK, consider trying Be Smart Clothing Limited, which stocks everything from tailored suits to embroidered polo shirts or hospitality uniforms. They offer embroidered stitching or custom designs to feature your logo and showcase your brand in the best possible way.

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