DIY Facial Cleanse

May 29, 2013 3:20 pm

I started my cleanse last night with some of the drama I was hoping to avoid: broken kettle, locked bathroom and no cucumbers. Whilst the process did not go quite to plan, the eventual outcome did. I ended up with a fresh, new, soft face and so decided to post my results online.

First of all, collect your ingredients: half a cup of milk (to be boiled for one minute by your trusty microwave) and a large squeeze of lemon juice to pour into it. Give it a quick stir and a cooling.

This is then followed by a trip to the bathroom (hopefully it will be vacant) and as stress-free and un-messy an experience as possible. Don’t worry if the milk curdles – it’s meant to do that! And as disgusting as the prospects of this next step may sound, dip your hand into the cup (or bowl) of milk, palm the curds into your face and spread ’em.

Once your whole face is covered in the mixture, put the kettle on (lemon and hot water works wonders for your digestive system) cut a few cucumbers (or if you’re organised, unlike me, prepare them beforehand) and place them on your eyes. Now relax and feel free to eat any remaining cucumbers.

Finally, when your DIY face mask has dried (after roughly 10-15 minutes), go back to your bathroom and with warm water, wash your face in circular motions – trust me, it works! Then dry your face and feel the wonders of calcium – no wonder Cravendale raves about the stuff!

milkThis should work wonders for you and set your face glowing with perfection. Just remember to have a towel at all times and I am sure your experience will go better than mine. If there is one thing you should trust me on, it’s this: a hidden towel on your face is a better look than a pasty white face and the horror your friend endures walking in on you. On second thoughts… Lock your room and you will have no need for a spare towel lying around.

Please comment on how it went for you, and any recipes you feel I should try and review.

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