Cristiano Ronaldo and Pelé face off in the new Emirates advert

April 14, 2014 12:15 pm

Emirates has been a keen supporter of sport, especially football, for many years now. In their latest campaign we see footballing legend Cristiano Ronaldo face off against Pelé, often hailed as the greatest footballing hero ever. Pelé, who has been a global ambassador for Emirates since January 2014, is seen on board the Emirates flagship flight A380 with Ronaldo as fans from different generations are excited to see their respective idols in the lounge.

It comes as no great surprise that world class striker Cristiano Ronaldo has been recruited to the ranks of Emirates alongside the likes of Pelé and the video has sparked a large debate over who is the greatest footballer of all time. Comments from the younger generations offer their support to the likes of Ronaldo, but many long-time veteran football fans have stood by Pelé and other older legends proclaiming that no one has surpassed their greatness. YouTube comments largely seem to support Pelé as being the greater footballer of the two, with many comments showing aggravation at the legend having to take the picture of Ronaldo, despite the humorous intentions of the clip.


The star-studded advert comes just months before the Brazilian 2014 football World Cup is due to begin and has served its purpose in exciting fans even further for the grand event, due to take place this summer, which will hold the attention of billions of viewers world wide.


To express your opinion on who the greatest footballer of all time is; use the hashtag #All Time Greats and send your views to @Emirates on Twitter.

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