Coaching Changes In Australian Football

August 10, 2015 11:59 am

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Australian rules football teams are making coaching changes, and Carlton is keeping a low profile on their search for a new coach. Team president Mark LoGiudice has not said much about the search for a new coach, but he is not obligated to tell the press anything about his hiring practices. The public is left to wonder what is happening at Carlton, but there are some easy guesses we can all make.

#1: They Have No Idea What To Do

It is possible that Carlton is unsure what direction they want to move in. Their team is counting on a new coach to lead the way forward, but internal strife could have caused a change in direction that leaves the club unsure of what to do. A coaching search will take much longer if the club does not know which direction it is going in, and that change of direction could leave Carlton without a coach for some time.

#2: They Had Their Man Long Ago

Carlton could have had their sights set on their next coach long before they let go of their last coach. Professional sports teams all over the world are not shy about communicating with other players and coaches. A deal could have been set up long ago with a new coach, and the team is stalling to bring a bit of intrigue to their coaching search. The other teams in Australian football will be left to wonder what Carlton will do, and that confusion could work in favor of Carlton.

#3: The Interviews Are Taking Too Long

Members of club management may be embroiled in a coaching search that is taking far too long. Each new interview could lead to more questions about the coaching search, and the club management may be undecided. Some of the finest coaching candidates in the history of Australian football were unknown when they took their first interview. Carlton may have stumbled upon a coaching candidate who is new, and extra interviews are required.

#4: The Players Have Too Much Input

The players on the team may have too much input in the coaching search. A player or two who favors one coach over another could slow down the hiring process considerably. Carlton may not allow this sort of input from its players, but it is possible that there is a player mucking up the proceedings. Players are the main component used in making free bets in Australia, and bonus bets are all based on player performance. The players may be responsible for more than their play at Carlton.

Carlton is in desperate need of a new coach, but the club is entitled to undergo the hiring process it is confident in. Every new interview could lead the team in a new direction, and there is no way for anyone to know the truth. The free bets in Australia and any bonus bets on this team will be on hold until a coach is hired, but a new coach could see the odds of Carlton winning it all go up significantly.

This article was written by Tony Samboras who is always keen on following the latest news about the AFL. To check out more of his work look online as he currently writes for a major Australian based free betting publication.

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