Christmas On The Beach

January 1, 2014 3:06 pm

For the average Brit, the idea of Christmas is accompanied by cold weather, high winds and often vast quantities of rain or snow. This Christmas alone saw thousands without electricity and whilst many have managed to keep their festive spirits up with numerous pictures of large turkeys stuffed into BBQ machines, there are many who have not coped so easily.

beach sculpturesThis isn’t the first year that we have had problems like this and it certainly won’t be the last. It is, therefore, no wonder that thousands of Brits now take a beach holiday over Christmas rather than risk the wet and cold. One of the most popular destinations for Europeans in general at this time of year is the Canary Islands. There are many reasons for this, but chiefly; flights are relatively cheap as budget airlines fly there. Temperatures are normally in the late 20s around this time of year and you can get all inclusive accommodation for very reasonable prices.

One place that has proven very popular this year is Las Canteras Beach, coordinated by Promotur Turismo Canarias who do a remarkable job of providing entertainment and festive fun for a very unusual Christmas trip. The reason why this particular place in the Canary Islands is quite so enjoyable is that it hosts some of the finest and largest sand sculptures in the world. Each year, new sand sculptures are created ranging from Octopuses to complex 3D nativity stories over four metres high. The skill and artistic design incorporated into these sculptures is something which you won’t see anywhere else, especially at this time of year. As such it is drawing increasing amounts of visitors from the northern continents. Renting a party bus is a great idea if you want to have a great night partying without having to step inside a nightclub or to enjoy a few drinks at the wet bar.

After the devastation caused by the weather this Christmas, it won’t be a surprise if the Christmas period becomes a chance for a quick beach get-away in the future for many Brits seeking a slightly less stressful holiday!

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