Brand Aid: Rebuilding Your Reputation With The Help Of Modern Marketing

April 25, 2017 4:19 pm

Nobody ever said running a business would be easy, especially with regards to branding. Just when you think you’ve mastered marketing forever, your campaigns could start to fall flat. When this happens, finding a way to overcome those temporary troubles is key. Whatever industry you’re in, incorporating modern facilities will be essential.

Injecting fresh energy to win back old customers while reaching new ones in the process is the target. Once you achieve that goal, the chances of failure are next to zero. Incorporate these simple and practical tips below, and you’ll be back to your best in no time.

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Redesign Your Logo

  Changing the business name is a very bold idea that could see you lose that sense of familiarity with large sections of your client base. But a revamped logo is something that brings fresh excitement without moving away from the core principles of the company and brand.


The new logo could be designed in-house or by another company. You could even hire a freelancer to do it from Either way, ensuring that the colour schemes are suited to the business type is key. Meanwhile, it can also be beneficial to think about versatile options that will look equally good in other schemes. After all, it’ll be appearing on various products both digitally and offline.


Ask For Help

  Your existing customers have already helped your business grow to its current standing. However, they could also be your greatest asset for gaining interest from new markets. Launching a referral scheme that encourages them to spread the word to friends and family could take your entire venture to the next level.


Potential new customers will always pay more attention to the words of their loved ones rather than your ad campaigns. That’s not to suggest that marketing doesn’t still have a serious role to play. Nonetheless, this could be the key factor that gets a conversion over the line. Given that you’ll only pay affiliates after a sale, you’ve absolutely nothing to lose.

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Get Creative

  Showing the personality of the people behind the brand is an area of marketing where many often fail. Thanks to social media and blogging, your business now has greater opportunities than ever before. Embrace those online opportunities with insightful and entertaining content that strikes a chord, and you’ll be back to your best in no time.  


Great content can promote products and services while keeping your business fresh in mind. Video footage is often easier to digest, so investing in a great camera is advised. Meanwhile, royalty-free music from can add a professional touch too. Combine this idea with a strong social media game, and you cannot go far wrong.


Invest In SEO

  Whether your business is online or not, it needs to have a strong Google ranking. After all, consumers are constantly checking their phones to find services and products in the nearby location. Therefore, investing in your localized SEO can increase foot traffic tenfold. If you do have a company website too, then the rewards to this area will be very noticeable too.


A strong presence on search engines doesn’t only get you seen by more people. It also establishes your brand as a market leader in the eyes of your audience. If that doesn’t boost sales figures, what will?

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Use Freebies

  Everyone loves getting great value for money. Promotional marketing goods are the perfect tool for building positivity to your brand. Personalised mugs and t-shirts can be purchased from They are particularly useful options as they’re items that will be used on a daily basis.  


Aside from giving out freebies in this manner, you could offer loyalty rewards or special offers on surplus stock. Essentially, if consumers feel that you are going the extra mile for them, then they will return the favour. It’s a little bit marketing and a little bit customer care. Either way, it’s great news for the business.


Think Outside The Box

  The brands that a consumer deals with are a reflection of them.  So, it’s often very possible to achieve a heightened sense of positivity without doing anything directly linked to the business. This could mean backing a worthy charity, or adopting eco-friendly packaging. If it helps you gain improved reactions without sacrificing the quality of your output, you’d be a fool to miss out.


Essentially, people like to relate to the companies they buy from. Give them as many reasons to feel this way about your business, and sustained loyalty will be back on the cards once more.

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