7 Tips to Deliver a Killer Presentation

January 3, 2015 10:47 am

In my job, whenever I delivered a presentation I would rehearse several times before the actual event. In sport, it is important to be equally prepared about my opponents.”

-Keeth Smart

If you dream of learning the knack of jaw-dropping presentation skills of Steve Jobs, remember the refinement comes with hard work and practice.  To begin with, incorporate power- dressing. Pay attention to the details like the handbag you carry. Make sure you use the right brand, if you cannot afford one, look out for options like replica handbags, wallets, bags and replica purses from acclaimed online stores like Factory Wholesale Handbags and get going. For other useful tips read on.


7 Tips to Make Sure Your Presentation Is Remembered

Here are the guidelines to ensure that you create effective communication through your presentation

  1. Dress like a leader: If you wish to lead, command and control the event make sure you dress like a leader. For ladies, choose a well fitted garment like a shirt trouser and coat; accessorize it with a scarf, watch and handbag. Make sure you stick to pastel and formal shades like black, brown, grey, white, beige and dark shades of blue for your attire. If you wish to infuse some peppiness, you can do it by a stylish scarf.  Your handbag will add volume to your elegance. So, choose a designer purse from LV, Gucci or Prada. You can save dollars, if you buy a smart Gucci Replica Handbag or go shopping when you see Wallets & Purse for Sale. Keep your belt and shoes coordinated and choose only from belly or peep-toed shoes. For men, the rule of colors is the same. Ensure you have well-coordinated tie, shoes and belts. You can get the latest fashion tips on  WholesaleHandbagsPurse.com.
  1. Create impactful visual: Don’t congest your slides. Create good quality audio and video visuals and check it before your presentation. Make sure the visual aids your content and is relevant to the subject.
  1. Connect with the audience: Study your audience well. Understand their background and prepare the content accordingly. While you deliver your presentation, make sure to make it interactive and choose a subject that connects well with the listeners.
  1. Prepare well: Rehearse the content well, be prepared for answering all the queries pertaining to your subject.  Make sure you have interesting example, facts and trivia to quote to engage your audience.
  1. Body language: The best way to enhance your body language is to pass the mirror test. Observe your gestures, hand movements and the voice modulation when you rehearse your presentation, in front of the mirror.
  1. Create a differential advantage: List out the things that you are good at and make sure it creates a distinct identity of you.  For instance, if you have good sense of humor and can connect well with the people; use it to your advantage
  1. Conduct query session and collect feedback: Lastly, ensure that the purpose of presentation has been met and you were able to effectively communicate your thoughts. Encourage questions and doubts and clarify them. Finally collect feedback to assess your performance, review it and improvise your skill.

Apart from these, make sure you time your presentation well.  Make it short and crisp. Don’t forget to work on your appearance, be confident and your cheap Gucci replica bag will add volume to your personality.

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