3 Reasons To Visit Spain

December 16, 2014 9:00 am

Spain is one of the top destinations in Europe to go on holiday and there is a very simple reason why: You can do almost any activity there – to excess. The following list contains three reasons why you should definitely consider a trip to Spain no matter what your interests are.

Spanish food:

Spanish food is some of the best in the world, which is no surprise because everything they make is designed to titillate your taste buds. Whether you like spicy food, huge amounts of meat or beautiful sea food, Spanish restaurants ensure you get the best of everything. Particular attention should be paid to the ‘Jamón Ibérico’ voted the best ham in the world on two occasions.

sea food spain

Outdoor Activities:

The video above entitled ‘Whatever I need, I need Spain’ by Turespaña shows just a few examples of the types of activities you can get involved with in Spain. The list is endless but there are water sports, beaches, mountains, vineyards, vast acres of countryside and some of the most enchanting cities in the world. Barcelona is said to be particularly beautiful with incredible buildings both ancient and modern and some of the finest art collections in Europe.


It’s often stated that the reason why the Spanish need siestas is because they party all hours of the night. Spain, and especially its coastal towns, is famous for its all-night partying from smart to gritty and everything in between. Aside from the big cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, Spain has other famous partying destinations such as Marbella and Seville. But most famously, it owns the island entirely devoted to the party spirit: Ibiza. The point is, if you want to go to the best parties in the world – Spain should be your place of choice.

This article has only touched upon a few of the things you can do in Spain but it really is a country of unlimited activities, pleasures, foods, parties and atmosphere. Take a look at the video from Turespaña to see for yourself.
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