3 Actors Who Always Seem to Stay Under the Radar

May 29, 2014 1:00 pm

I like to think I know actors. It’s kind of a specialist subject for me. When I watch a movie with friends and an actor is introduced to the screen, I often rattle off six other films that guy has been in. Despite the occasional surprise at how good my memory is, I have always felt that actors deserve recognition.

Which is why I am surprised when I discover that an actor has been in several films right under my nose and I haven’t recognised them. These actors aren’t necessarily bad actors, or even getting bad roles. In fact, they are very successful. And this is why I am shocked that in some cases I had to delve into IMDB to even find out their names.



Starred in: X-Men: Last Stand, Premium Rush, American Pie: Reunion, Heroes

I first became aware of this actress in X-Men: Last Stand. She played Magneto’s new henchman (henchwoman?), Callisto, and even then I only clocked the character and not the actual actress. I only recently became intrigued in Dania, when she appeared in the latest American Pie film. She was funny and handled her character well. She was also starring in an action flick, Premium Rush, that same month. When I read more about her, I was shocked to see how many other roles of hers I had seen without noticing, including a small role in the final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She was even nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Television Series for her fantastic portrayal of Maya Herrera in Heroes. I shall definitely keep an eye on her for future films.



Starred in: Expendables, The Specialist, Heroes, The Dark Knight, D.O.A

Eric Roberts is an actor I’ve been aware of for some time, but I’ve included him anyway, as not many people recognise him. He has actually got some lead roles in several B-Movies, such as Grave’s End, but these movies haven’t reached the majority of the public and therefore he has gone unnoticed. Nevertheless, he has played several major villains in blockbusters, including Donovan in D.O.A, and the one actor in Expendables who wasn’t a hulking action star. He even got the smaller role of Maroni in The Dark Knight.

Alongside films, Roberts has starred in countless TV Series and even music videos, such as Akon’s, Smack That and Mariah Carey’s, We Belong Together. You can see a selected, yet extensive, filmography of Roberts’ here. Oh and one more thing, he is the father to Emma Roberts, the young actress who has recently starred in Noel Clarke’s 4. 3. 2. 1., Valentine’s Day and Scream 4.



Starred in: King Kong, Wanted, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Next, Valkyrie

Although most of his films are German, and we can be forgiven for not recognising him from them, the international films he has been in are massive. Nearly everyone has seen King Kong and Thomas got the role of Captain Englehorn; a fairly large part. He was also the mysterious assassin in Wanted and the head villain in Resident Evil. However, in this instance, I can see why he isn’t recognisable. His face is fairly plain and his only distinguishable feature is his soft German accent, which makes him perfect for the European Villain role. Also his name isn’t exactly Hollywood material, a problem Arnold Schwarzenegger faced when he started acting.

Maybe it’s a good thing these actors aren’t being recognised. An actor can get too famous, despite his talents. Tom Cruise is too famous for his own good, turning his action films into another Tom Cruise movie, which could prove damaging for films like Jack Reacher. Maybe it’s good to have these few actors, who can deliver fantastic performances, yet never let their fame damage the integrity of the movie.

If you feel I have left out any big examples, leave a comment. I do not like the feeling that there are actors out there that I am oblivious to.

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