The Truth About Love Is Finally Revealed: P!nk The Truth About Love

October 25, 2012 9:42 pm

The truth about love remained untold until now! The diva of soft rock/pop P!nk released her version of true love on September 18 of this year. The Truth About Love introduces nineteen tracks that demonstrate Cupid the love doctor’s theory on the magical existence we call love.  Her opening track, Are We What We Are, seems to challenge the conventional stereotype of an individual who’s either head over heels in love, or completely the opposite. The song is designed to cry out for help, whilst sitting in a comfortable chair losing yourself in the music, while P!nk plays the role of an agony aunt.

Are We All We Are describes the different characteristics every individual can hold, as well as suggesting how every one of us are able to be a different influence whilst in a relationship. The Truth About Love is a canvas of experiences, a roller-coaster ride of emotions. The album exposes levels of intensity that relate to love. A variety of themes are explored, for example, the paradox of a love/hate relationship, which is detailed in the the song True Love. This newly released album has something for everyone. Fun and funky songs to hit the club like Blow Me – One Last Kiss and Here Comes The Weekend, which includes a not-so-surprising collaboration with Eminem.

P!nk reveals herself as a lady who’s definitely in touch with her feelings, as she gives us an emotional ride with Is This Thing On?, Run, and a few others that follow. Her latest album encourages (as well as reflects) a split personality of one’s characteristics – especially someone who’s head over heels in love. It’s almost as if the singer is describing the notion of being torn, wanting and not wanting, an I love him/I love him not situation.

Although this combination creates a powerful outcome, it isn’t quite enough, as it seems as though there is a cry for help. Her struggles and experiences are  something millions of people all over the world can relate to. In my opinion, it’s the first time (since her previous album Funhouse) that the voice of an independent woman has once again tried to speak with Is This Thing On?, Beam Me Up and Try. However, spirits are still held high. She reminisces on the Good Old Days, and still looks for the beat; the question is, is P!nk listening, and looking for the beat of her heart with Where Did The Beat Go? Let’s not fail to mention the reference of being a mother to Willow, and her going on to express how much her life has changed in five years, since her last album release in 2008. Is it time to face The Truth About Love? To overcome your struggles, emotions, fears and experiences and come out of it not only as a better, stronger person, but also feeling better about yourself.

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