The Evolution of the PlayStation

November 20, 2013 2:00 pm

Since 1995 kids and adults alike have enjoyed the interactive pleasure that can be found in owning a PlayStation. I remember, back in the early days, owning a PlayStation one. I had a couple of games I really enjoyed, one of them being Tekan. I used to play the character ‘Yoshimitsu’ who had a pretty neat sword trick unbeknownst to many. It would keep my friends and me entertained for hours on end. I also remember playing Civilisation 2, a game that I became completely addicted to and would repeatedly get told off by my parents for spending far too long in front of the television for.


Looking back at those days and the games that mesmerised us, it is crazy to now compare them to the games that will be played on the PlayStation 4 – the latest of the PlayStation adventures. The quality of the graphics, the technology involved in the games and the incredible amount of content to get through makes it addictive for even the least “gamey” of people.

The PlayStation 2 & 3 saw the rise of games such as Call of Duty and its successors. Those games slowly got better and better with a key step in the PlayStation advancement being the ability to play games with other people online. It is thought that over 100 million people now play Call of Duty, affectionally known as ‘COD’. That is larger than the population of Britain and Ireland together. For a game to be so popular culminating in the aforementioned figures with the PlayStation 3, what can we expect of the new PlayStation 4?

Over the last 20 years, gaming has quickly become something that almost every child experiences. Online games have become similar to some professional sports with games such as StarCraft and League of Legends attracting millions of people and their top players receiving hundreds of thousands of pounds to play professionally.

It is hard to imagine what the future holds in terms of gaming technology. Perhaps one day we will be able to insert ourselves into an interractive universe and play the game in first person, but for now we must marvel at the advances made since 1995 in one of the world’s leading gaming tools that has had generation after generation completely infatuated.

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