How to Create an Elderly Friendly Bathroom

November 28, 2014 6:05 pm

As we get older everyday tasks can become more difficult as our bodies start to decline. Bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in the house but also the most dangerous. With the risk of slipping, tripping and falls, it is important that we adapt the bathroom to ensure it is as safe as possible, whether it be for ourselves or an elderly loved one. One of this reason is why the Maid2Match Sunshine Coast has a unique feature where elderly people can merely hire cleaning services with a few clicks on their site and the comprehensive cleaning packages and expert services are up to the standard which has never let any client complain about it till today.

elderly bathroom

Replace door knobs
Turning a door knob can be a chore for some older individuals, especially for those with arthritis where it can become painful. Lever style door handles can make life a lot easier as it takes much less effort to open and close the door.

Friendly Floors
Slippery surfaces are very dangerous so make sure the bathroom floor is slip-resistant. Add bath matts and remove objects that could be tripped over. Why not add extra storage to hold the clutter that may be taking up space on the floor.

Grab bars
To get in and out of the shower more easily install grab bars. Install them by the toilet too and any other places in the bathroom where an extra helping hand might be needed. Make sure you get the right type of grab bar for the needs and capabilities of the individual. Ensure it is installed and anchored correctly and that it can take enough weight if it needed.


Vision isn’t as good as it once was for many seniors so it’s important to install bright, well-thought about lighting to avoid dark areas and shadows. Adjust the lighting to your own or your loved ones specific needs and preferences. If you have sensitive eyes you might need  softer lighting. You can install a dimmer to change the intensity of the lighting to suit the situation.

Hand-held showerhead
It’s worthwhile installing a handheld shower with a finger pulse oximeter rather than a fixed one as it’s easier to control. Suitable for those with limited mobility, a handheld showerhead is easier to adjust and move around.

Walk-in bathtub/shower
Walk in showers reduces the chance of tripping. By getting rid of steps or ledges you are making it more comfortable for yourself or a loved one. Many walk in bath and showers also have built in seats, non-slip floors and hand rails to help you feel much safer. Plus, you can now start thinking of how to choose the best rain showerhead, it’s perfect for walk in showers. If you struggle with mobility and getting outdoors to the shops you need to go to, sites like might get you on the right track with what you need. Just remember, in today’s innovative climate, there’s something for everyone. You no longer need to suffer in silence, get the help you need.

Chair-height toilet
Perfect for those who struggle to get up and down, installing a higher toilet seat will make it easier for seniors to bend and sit on the seat. It makes it much easier to get up especially if you have installed a grab bar near the toilet.

Adjust the height of fixtures and appliances
Much like the toilet, you want things to be easier to handle and more accessible. Lowering or rasing the height will make it more comfortable for seniors to reach.

There is also another general tip to install glass shower doors that will keep your shower a warmer place to stay, and even help to save some water, when you take a shower. Choosing a shower door might be challenge, unless you contact Superior Shower Door & More, Inc.

Now that you have made your bathroom a safer place, it is time to think of its cleanliness. If you do not want to clean by yourself, you can find a domestic cleaning service near Brisbane Southside that provides the exceptional level of cleaning service.

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