A Technophobe’s Guide To Choosing A Laptop

December 2, 2013 1:28 pm

I recently decided to buy a new laptop. I’ve always been a Windows PC kind of guy and so I decided to look at the Sony VAIO Laptops and notebooks. Not being a particularly tech savvy person, I had more or less no clue which one I should buy and how to be able to tell what was suitable for me. I knew roughly how many gigabytes I needed but apart from that, the processor, hard drive and other specifications were little more than mumbo jumbo to me.

I’d seen a VAIO Tap 11 which is basically a PC and tablet hybrid and I was tempted to buy into this as it is great for streaming stuff over your TV and also (as the thinnest Windows 8 tablet PC) really easy to carry with you on a daily basis. I also considered a VAIO Duo for the same reason that it was kind of a cool hybrid type piece of technology that would be easy for me to manoeuvre around with. My problem with this was that at £1329, it seemed a bit extravagant for what I needed.

Eventually, I settled for the VAIO Fit which, out of all the Laptops, is supposedly the most popular. The 13.3 gaming laptop was a mixture of everything I needed and wanted, and whilst perhaps not being a suave hybrid, at £799 I knew I would be able to sleep a little better at night.

So the real question is, how do you choose the right laptop for you? Well, for me it came down to conducting a little bit of research to ensure it had everything I needed (in my case a decent amount of memory and a processor that could handle frequent use and the usual work related programmes). You need to ask yourself how you are going to use it. Are you a gamer? Will you be carrying it around a lot? Do you want the very latest technology? How often will you use it? Work or pleasure? All these things are important and it is crucial you answer these questions before starting your search.

As an extra, it is worth mentioning that with my VAIO laptop, I received the “Inspiration Suite” (See below picture) which has been very useful for both work and also things like photographs that I want to play around with. It’s always nice when you get a little extra with your purchase.

How to use VAIO Inspiration Suite - Infographic

Courtesy of Sony

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