5 Tips on How to Make Money Playing Freeroll Poker

November 26, 2012 1:26 pm

Freeroll tournaments are extremely popular amongst the online poker community and for good reason as they offer people the chance to win huge money playing free poker. Many major poker websites offer freeroll games that carry no buy-in fees to play for real cash prizes. Some of the best and most popular freeroll games available online come courtesy of the leading poker website, PokerStars. Weekly and monthly freeroll games are available, which carry prize pools of up to $1,000 and various prizes, such as entry to prestigious live poker tournaments, including the World Series of Poker.

However, if you want to boost your bank balance or earn a seat next to the pros, it’s going to take skill and practise to fend off the competition. Huge numbers of players are attracted to freeroll games, so you will need to stand out from the crowd. Once you start perfecting your game play on the freeroll tables it won’t be long until you can move onto cash tables and see the winnings roll in.

Here are five handy tips which should help you excel at the freeroll tables.

Don’t Always Expect to Win:

Due to the huge volumes of players who participate in freeroll tournaments, especially at PokerStars which is the largest poker website in the world, it can appear that sometimes luck is not on your side. You can be the most skilled player in the world, and use poker chips uk which you thought would tip the scales to your favour, but sometimes it just boils down to the cards you are dealt. Because of the nature of freeroll games as well, competitors will likely be bolder in their moves, meaning luck is even more of a factor than in other online poker games.

The most important thing is not to take these losses to heart. They won’t be taking a hit on your bankroll, so instead of getting frustrated simply see it as a learning experience.

Play Plenty of Freeroll Games:

As the saying goes, practise makes perfect. Free poker tournaments present the perfect opportunity to build experience without having to see your bankroll take a beating. Also, the more often you play freerolls the more likely you will be to finish in the money. Let the odds work in your favour.

Be Patient:

At the start of a freeroll game there will always be players who bet big. These players might be able to double up every now again but eventually their luck will run thin. Don’t be tempted to adopt their methods, even if it appears to be working for them. Be patient and play tactically. If you bust out then just wait for the next hand. It could end up being a winner.

Take Advantage of Absent Players:

Sometimes players will sign up for a free poker tournament but will not actually turn up to participate. You can use this to your advantage. If you believe you have spotted a player who is sitting out you can raise pre-flop on their blinds without any resistance from the player. However, make sure you choose your moments carefully.

Play the Long Game:

The speed of play at the start of a freeroll will be very different to the end of the game. Equally, when players begin to drop out, the skill at the table will increase. As those relying on luck begin to be eliminated you will need to begin playing more tactically against those who have their sights set on money places. When the games dynamic change, be prepared to adapt with them.


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